I Watch The Moon TikTok Song And Lyrics – Explored

The TikTok song I Watch The Moon has garnered more than 40K videos under its hashtag and is getting immensely popular among users. People who are coming across this viral song for the first time are looking for the details about its singer and lyrics. If you are among such users, here we have gathered all the details for you. Keep reading and get to know all details about this viral TikTok song ‘I Watch The Moon’.

TikTok soundtracks never fail to entertain the users. The video-sharing app contains a song gallery that rarely misses out on a song that exists in the world. Despite the barriers of languages and boundaries, these songs travel all around the world via the TikTok app.

Another reason why TikTok has the vastest collection of soundtracks is, it has gathered billions of people from across the globe on a single platform. Following the diversity, there is diverse content on the video-sharing app and you will also get to see exceptional cultures on this platform.

Well, let’s get back to the track and talk about the current vial TikTok song ‘I Watch The Moon’. Here is what this song talks about and why are people going crazy about it.

Who Is The Singer Of I Watch The Moon TikTok Song?

I Watch The Moon has garnered the entire limelight and users are pouring thousands of videos featuring this soundtrack in the background. This current popular soundtrack is created by the artist Gandalf and it gives an idea of looking at the things you like, just as you watch the moon.

I watch the moon means that the singer is referring to stocking at something that they really adore. It might be a person, a task, scenery, or even the moon itself.

Taking this concept, several users have come up with amazing videos on the ByteDance-owned app TikTok. To be part of this trend, all you have to do is look at something that you really admire, capture yourself while gazing that item/person or the scenery and add this soundtrack to the background.

A huge number of users have already participated in the trend, thus the hashtag #iwatchthemoon has already boasted over 18 million views. To your surprise, the popularity of this soundtrack is moving uphill.

Some users have also talked about how soothing the song lyrics are and how they feel calm upon listening to this song. If you haven’t heard the song earlier, we have provided the complete lyrics in the following paragraphs.

I Watch The Moon TikTok Song Full Lyrics

The complete lyrics of the trendy song ‘I Watch The Moon’ goes as below:

Did you ever take a look at the sky

When the stars don’t seem shy

If you did you’d see the face of someone

Who won’t look at the sun

Every night I’m in my room

Wondering where to throw my stone

Every night I watch the moon

Can’t you see I’m all alone

Cross the light then I die
When the heaven’s deeper blue turns to black
Then you know I won’t be back

Every night I’m in my room
Wondering where to throw my stone
Every night I watch the moon
Can’t you see I’m all alone

Although the song talks about adorable things only, some users have come up with hilarious videos while playing the ‘I watch the moon in the background.

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Final Thoughts

This latest viral song on TikTok ‘I watch the moon’ is a worth listening track if you are going through a difficult phase in life. You can also, count on this track to come up with new content for your TikTok handle.

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