Inverted Filter — Only Filter That Shows Your Real Image

If you are curious about knowing how others see you as, then Inverted Filter available on TikTok is the only solution. This filter has stunned many users by showing them their real image. Want to know how to get this filter on TikTok? If yes, then you have to read this article till end. It will enlighten you with all available information about this must-apply filter form TikTok.

Besides being the best entertainment application, TikTok is also not behind in the filters race. TikTok has provided thousands of filters and effects for its users, making itself a complete entertainment package. It enables users to access filters, effects, music tracks and trending videos all inside a similar app. well, what else does social media user desires of?

In today’s article, we will talk about a magical filter from TikTok that shows your real image. Yes you heard it right, if you think you have seen your real face in the mirror and in the pictures then sorry! You are making a mistake. It’s you reflection and this is not what others see you as. You will be amazed to see yourself following this old yet famous filter.

Keep reading and get your hands on this magical filter to witness how others see your face.

What Is Inverted Filter

Image Of What Is Inverted Filter

The Inverted Filter form TikTok isn’t a new filter but it’s quite popular among users due to its unique function. The filter basically flips your image to show how other people see your face as. After using this filter, here is how a user has tweeted,

“Since being told the inverted filter on tik tok is how people really see you I can’t stop looking at it. Like I’m genuinely disturbed at how much worse I look to other people than I already thought I did anyway why isn’t my face symmetrical… actually bothers me.”

Another user posted in sarcastic way saying “is this what y’all see in real life? i’m so sorry”. Users are in shock after seeing the results. Most of them are unable to believe if it’s their face or if this is what others find their face as. Well, for your kind information, this filter is accurate because all your life you have seen your reflection in the mirror or in the image. And that’s not what other find you as.

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How To Use Inverted Filter On TikTok

Image Of How To Use Inverted Filter On TikTok

Using the filter is quite simple and accessing it on TikTok also is quite easy. To get the filter, firstly open your updated TikTok application. You don’t have to access the filters in traditional way, suppose from the filters gallery. Instead open your ‘effects’ tab that is located left to the ‘record’ button.

Once you have got the tab, tap on it and scroll through the effects until you get to see the ‘Face Filters’ heading. Here you will get number of face filters. You have to look for the inverted face filter among this filter’s gallery. I found the filter on second number from the left and the third from the top.

You will find the filter’s icon as two light blue arrows. When you find this icon, tap on it and here you go! You have reached this magical filter. Now open the filter and point the camera towards your face so that you can get the perfect results. Once applied, you will find your face inverted and this is how your face actually looks to others.

Final Words

This was all about the Inverted Filter from TikTok. Hope you have got enough information to be able to access this filter right away.

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