Is City Girls Star JT Pregnant? Explained

Living under the spotlight has its own perks and drawbacks. After witnessing her latest public appearance, fans are speculating that the City Girls Star JT is pregnant. If you also are curious to know the legitimacy of this news, read this article till the end and you will get all information related to City Girls Star JT.

The celebrating whose dating news is public, always remains under baby watch. Hence, it becomes quite difficult for them to keep things private. Especially, when female celebrities are dating in the public eye, it becomes impossible for them to keep things private.

The City Girls Star JT is facing quite a similar issue as her fans perceive her to be pregnant. But is the City Girls Star JT really pregnant? Let’s find out

Social Media Fans Think City Girls Star JT Might Be Pregnant

Image Of Social Media Fans Think City Girls Star JT Might Be Pregnant

JT is best known for wearing curve-hugging outfits when she appears on the stage. And while she never gives up on her skin-hugging outfits, her latest appearance on stage has left her fans wondering if their fav star is expecting. Fans are also aware of her smoothly sailing relationship boat with her beau Lil Uzi Vert, so is JT really pregnant?

For many years, it has become a common practice for social media users to judge their favorite celebrities. It doesn’t stand just especially for female stars to be judged on the basis of their appearances.

Although making pregnancy assumptions about celebrities is harmless, but it is quite rude to make predictions on the basis of their physical appearance. Her physical appearance might be because of she can simply be bloated or having any other issues.

However, spreading rumors has always remained a common practice for social media users. As fans have seen the City Girls Star JT performing at 97 Jams End of Summer Jam concert in Columbia, Md, the pregnancy rumors have now reached a whole next level.

In some videos captured by (The Shade Room), JT can be seen wearing a blue curve-hugging jumpsuit that made her stomach appear a little protruding. Fans quickly took it to social media to share that JT looks pregnant.

While most of her followers have an opinion that she might be pregnant, others have argued that she could simply be bloated or captured from a weird angle.

Is City Girls Star JT Really Pregnant?

Image Of Is City Girls Star JT Really Pregnant

Another factor that added fuel to the rumors was the morning sickness bracelet that JT was seen wearing. The bracelet also made it obvious for users to perceive that she was pregnant.

As per HipHopDX, the City Girls Star JT is dating Lil Uzi Vert since 2019. Their coupledom has gone public in March 2021. Since then, the couple has remained in the headlines for playing their breakup-to-makeup game so often.

However, fans were once skeptical about their relationship but now JT and Lil Uzi’s coupledom has won over their fans’ speculations. So, fans now believe that their relationship is stronger than ever.

So what if it turns out that JT is really expecting her first child with Lil Uzi? The only thing you have is to support the couple. Nevertheless, the couple hasn’t addressed the pregnancy rumor so far. Maybe the star is really pregnant or maybe she was just been bloated. Nothing can be confirmed until the rapper decides to address the pregnancy rumors. Till then, it will remain a mystery.

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Final Thoughts

Whether or not the City Girls Star is pregnant, can only be confirmed if JT herself decides to address the concern. So, we just need to wait and see how things play out.

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