Is Debby Dead? Tributes Are Flooding On Social Media

Tributes are flooding several social media platforms as the Toronto-based social influencer Debby is thought to be dead. Although the news isn’t confirmed yet, a GoFundMe campaign has been set up in her memory. Here is what we were able to find about this unfortunate news.

Users are flooding Twitter with messages of concern as social media influencer is said to be passed away on 2nd November. People on Twitter are talking about how Debby had lived a miserable life as she was said to be a drug addict.

Many of her fans are upset about how people are showing concern after her passing while; no one tried to support her when she needed it the most. They have also accused an entertainment network of encashing her death news.

Who Is Debby?

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Debby, whose real name is Alexis Matos was a social media content creator based in Toronto, Canada. Her now-deleted Instagram account had a followers’ count of 35,000. She was known in Toronto as the ‘Queen of Toronto’ and ‘Toronto legend’ among her fans.

Debby was reportedly said to be homeless and she spent most of her life in miserable conditions. Her videos used to go viral on TikTok most often.

Debby was a young teen who used to live in a shelter. She is also alleged to be a drug addict. However, she was quite popular among her online fans.

Fans have poured thousands of messages on Twitter as the news of her passing has gone viral. Talking about how the internet portrayed her one user wrote, “RIP Debby.  You were a good kid no matter how the internet portrayed you. No one got to see the real you. I’m so sorry the system failed you. Rest easy”

People are also talking about how the world shows concern when you die, while no one comes forward for your support when you are alive. Another user wrote, “Debby is the perfect example of people will only care when you’re gone.. These Toronto media pages exploited her, setting her up for harassment in REAL LIFE, and got clout at the expense of her struggles. And now they try to claim they were helping her the whole time.”

Addressing 6ixBuzzTV, a Twitter user named @leafsnlifts wrote, “You posted her and consistently made a mockery out of her. This is what happens when people need help but instead, you make their life into a joke. RIP Debby, so sorry you didn’t get the support you needed”.

Is Debby Aka Alexis Matos Dead?

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Yes, following the available information the social media star Debby is dead. According to the GoFundMe campaign that is being launched by someone named Chantal Bos, who claims to be Debby’s cousin, Debby has passed away from a drug overdose yesterday.

Revealing about her passing, the GoFundMe campaign set up in her memory wrote, “Toronto received some very sad news on November 2, 2021. Our beloved icon Debby, also known as Alexis Matos, passed away in a shelter from a drug overdose.”

“Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any arrangements for service. So me, Tiny, and Debby’s cousin, Heather, will be organizing this fundraiser to make sure Debby has a proper send-off with the respect and peace that she deserves,” they further added.

So far, this campaign has amassed over $9,899 surpassing the goal of $5,000 goal in just 24 hours. Fans are showing displeasure about how people are donating for her while she has passed away and nobody helped her when she needed it the most.

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Bottom Line

Although the death news of Debby isn’t confirmed by any of her immediate family members, people are expressing their condolences over social media.

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