Is YouTuber Mrbeast Really Dead — Debunked

Fans of the popular YouTuber Mrbeast are baffled after seeing some news claiming that this popular YouTuber is dead but is Mrbeast Really Dead or people are just speculating? Let’s figure it out.

Fans are worried and wondering to know about Mrbeast’s health after they have encountered news claiming that he has allegedly passed away. The rumors are now making rounds on the internet and his fans seem confused.

Just recently, we witnessed a similar case when users assumed Nikita Dragun was dead after one of her YouTube videos implied that she has passed away.

Well, if you are worried about Mrbeast’s wellbeing, we can assure you that he is doing well. The famous YouTuber Mrbeast is not dead, but his fans had really believed the rumors. Here is everything you need to know.

Is YouTuber Mrbeast Alive?

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If you are an avid user of Twitter, you might have come across a Twitter post that claimed the popular YouTube star MrBeast to have been passed away. The Tweet was shared by a user named “Anything Bot” rolled a picture of Mrbeast along with the caption “MrBeast has sadly passed away.”

This post became viral on the app and the fans of Mrbeast started to panic without confirming the news. As we tried to confirm the news by visiting the Twitter handle that revealed the news. The bio of this Twitter handle states, Our tweets are jokes so don’t take them seriously.”

Also, the popular YouTuber is constantly sharing posts on his social media handles after the viral tweet. In one of his recent Instagram posts, he is spotted making donations for his charity venture ‘Team Seas’. This charity venture run by the popular YouTuber Mrbeast has collected millions in donations.

MrBeast is also being spotted on Jimmy Kimmel Live accompanied by Mark Rober with whom he partners for the charity work.

What Happened To Mrbeast?

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Don’t worry! Mrbeast is doing well. It was just a funny tweet that has created a hoax online. However, the Twitter handle that has shared the news, has made it clear in their bio that all their Tweets are based on jokes so they must not be taken seriously.

It was all the faults of fans who have made the news go viral without checking on its legitimacy. After knowing that the Twitter user “Anything Bot” had played a prank on them, fans of Mrbeast have slammed him on several platforms.

One user wrote, “STOP TELLING LIES about Mr beast because he was on a Jimmy Kimmel show talking about a donation. And helping out to get rid of trash on the beach. He’s not dead. Mr beast is not dead”

Another added, “Why would you believe it when he was perfectly well hours ago and had literally no physically problems”

A third user wrote, “Full bag of cap, he’s still alive and he’s living his best life right now,”

However, there also are users who assume this tweet to be true and are spreading their condolences. Few users who have got the tweet in the first place, are making fun of the users who have believed this baseless news. One user wrote, “I’m looking threw the quote tweets for this. And the number of people who fell for this lmao”.

Another user said, “I’ll actually cry if this actually happened”.

“Last person to stop touching his casket gets a tesla (This is fake btw he’s fine)”, said another.

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Bottom Line

No, MrBeast is not dead, he is living his best life and is really happy working on his charity venture. It was just a prank that a Twitter user has played on the fans of MrBeast.

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