JiDion’s Free The Nipple Protest Has Gone Viral On Internet

The popular YouTuber Jidion’s Free The Nipple Protest video has taken over the internet. The video was recorded outside a Best Buy store, as soon as the video has gone viral, users seem divided.

The popular YouTuber JiDion recorded the “Free The Nipple Protest” outside a Best Buy store after he was offended by the store employee’s words. The store employee asked JiDion to put on a shirt that enraged the influencer. To get back at the employee, JiDion teamed up with dozens of men and they rallied saying “Free the nip”.

As the video of JiDion’s Free The Nipple Protest has gone viral on the internet, fans seem divided. Some of his fans have stood in favor of him while the majority perceived this as a weird stunt. Here is more about this trending story.

JiDion’s Free The Nipple Protest Back Story

JiDion’s Free The Nipple Protest Back Story

Famous YouTuber JiDion has recently uploaded an eleven-minute-long video on his YouTube channel. The video showcases the YouTuber protesting outside a Best Buy store in response to his argument with a store employee. This video has become popular on the internet as JiDion’s Free The Nipple Protest.

The original 11-minute long video was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of JiDion while a short version is uploaded on TikTok and Reddit.

The employee who confronted the YouTuber is identified as Andrew. The viral protest video reveals that JiDion was seen walking around with his upper body exposed, in response to which Andrew asked JiDion to put on a shirt. 

However, JiDion became offended and he decided to protest outside the store. Before he decided to protest, JiDion asked the employee about his hand gesture and he even asked Andrew if he is “homophobic”.  Andrew however ignored the aggressive reaction of JiDion.

Eventually, JiDion wears his shirt but tells on camera that the store employee pissed him off so he will come back with an army of shirtless men.

JiDion’s Protest With Dozens Of Shirtless Men

In the later part of the video, JiDion came back to the store with several other men. They all gathered outside the store yelling at the store employees.

JiDion can also be heard saying “Andrew, yesterday you discriminated me; you did not let me take off my shirt. Boys, uncircumcize!” To this, all the men take their shirts off. The YouTuber then climbs a row of cardboard boxes and starts chanting “It’s simple; free the nipple.”

This video has garnered millions of views on TikTok and YouTube. The confrontation video has amassed over 3.8 million likes while the video showcasing the whole protest has earned 536,000 views.

The main reason for the popularity of this video is the huge number of JiDion’s followers. He has a followers count of 1 million on his TikTok handle while the number of subscribers on his YouTube channel is 1.37 million.

To this viral protest, internet users have given mixed reactions. Some users have found the video a funny one while some feel otherwise.

In reaction to this video, one user wrote on Reddit, “I didn’t really get that logic. Shows up with no shirt on, but a dude watching him put a shirt on must be gay?”

Another wrote, “Retail workers deserve way more money than they make for having to put up with people like this.”

One user who found the video funny wrote, “This is hilarious. I love jidion bro he is so funny.”

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about JiDion’s Free The Nipple Protest and its back story. Hopefully, you have got the available information about the YouTuber’s viral protest.

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