AGWRIGHT1231 Viral Video: Wedding Cake Shocked Users

A TikTok user named AGWRIGHT1231 has gone viral for sharing a video revealing the botched-up cake she received for her wedding. Users have given strong reactions to the video and they have asked the video creator AGWRIGHT1231 to reveal the name of the bakery she got it from.

Every now and then TikTok content creators roll videos showcasing information we have never seen before and the videos rapidly go viral over the video-sharing platform. Some content creators have even become stars overnight for sharing content that blew the minds of TikTok users.

A quite similar thing has happened with the user AGWRIGHT1231 as she recorded the botched cake she received on her special day. Many users have felt sorry for AGWRIGHT1231, while others have showcased their anger for the baker. Here is more you need to know about this viral cake video from TikTok.

Who is AGWRIGHT1231 On TikTok?

Image Of Who is AGWRIGHT1231 On TikTok

AGWRIGHT1231 is a TikTok content creator based in Nashville. She is mainly popular for sharing her daily activities. She has amassed over 350,000 views on her viral video so far.

Besides being a video creator on TikTok @agwright1231 is a singer and stylist. According to her TikTok account, she has got married recently and has become viral for sharing the snaps of spoiled cake she received on her big day.

The first video about her wedding cake was rolled on TikTok on October 1. The video caption read, “So we picked up our wedding cake.” The video further showcases the picture of the elaborately designed cake she ordered. While sharing the image of the cake she ordered, the video creator wrote, “This is what it was supposed to look like”. In the later part of the viral video, she shares the image of the cake she received which was a complete disaster.

As soon as AGWRIGHT1231 uploaded the video on TikTok, it became viral. The video has garnered millions of views and users are pouring thousands of comments into the comment box.

As the video went viral, the video creator has rolled some more explaining the whole scenario. In the following videos, AGWRIGHT1231 revealed that the cake had cost her $550. She further added that, at the time of recording the video, she didn’t get any refund. This made her fans feel bad for her.

AGWRIGHT1231 Wedding Cake

Image Of AGWRIGHT1231 Wedding Cake

In the comment box of the following video, AGWRIGHT1231 expressed her disappointment saying, “I mean, everyone was saying, ‘You get what you pay for,’ but like I didn’t go the cheap route, you know?”

AGWRIGHT1231 further added that she has decided to hold back on revealing the name of the bakery momentarily. However, the majority of her fans are urging her to reveal the name of the bakery if they aren’t giving her money back. One user wrote in the comment box, “If they don’t refund at least half of that $550 please blast their name.”

The video creator rolled the third video where she has shared her reaction to the cake. She was about to cry seeing the disastrous cake she has received on her special day.

Here is what users think about the video. One user wrote, “I worked at a public bakery and even at a chain grocery store we would have NEVER let that walk out of the door.”

Another said, Oh hell now. You did not accept that, Tell me you didn’t accept it.”

In the final video, the video creator revealed that her friends “did an emergency surgery” on the cake to make it look a little better.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the viral cake video of AGWRIGHT1231 on TikTok and its back story. Hopefully, you have got all the information about this popular TikTok video.

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