Jlo TikTok Challenge — Here’s All You Need To Know

Have you seen Jlo TikTok Challenge lately on TikTok? Want to what it is all about? If yes, then keep reading. This article will enlighten you with all details about this newbie on the video sharing application TikTok.

Being home to billions of users, TikTok has turned so many flop songs to hit tracks overnight. This year especially, January has been kind to so many least heard songs. In this current month, so many old sound tracks have made a comeback. Sea shanties have remained users favorite during this month.

Considering the popularity of these old songs, Jennifer Lopez aka Jlo has started a new trend using her 20 year old song “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” she has asked the users to join this trend in order to celebrate 20 successful years of her hit song. Let’s discuss more deets about this slowly growing video trend.

What Is Jlo TikTok Challenge

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Jennifer Lopez aka J.Lo is a multi talented American social media sensation. She is a singer, dancer and an incredible actress. She made her debut in 1991, when she started appearing as Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color. Jlo pursued her dancing career until she decided to give a kick-start to her acting career in 1993. Born on 24th July 1969, she is currently 51 years old.

She is an active user of TikTok, Instagram and other social media application. Besides the Jlo TikTok Challenge, we also have seen her participating in various other challenges. A similar challenge termed as “In the Morning TikTok Challenge” was also rolled by Jlo in late 2020.

It was a dance challenge in which she can be seen throwing out some club-worthy dance moves in her pajamas before changing into skin tight leather pants and a matching black crop top.

While sticking to the sound track used by Jlo, the challenge asks the users to show off their morning PJs look alongside one of their hottest out-going look. The challenge became hugely popular as so many users attempted it.

In the new Jlo TikTok Challenge she can be seen wearing a white spaghetti string top with a white blazer accompanied with a high ponytail. She captioned the video “In celebration of the #JLo20thAnniversary we’re dropping the #LoveDontCostAThingChallenge. Can’t wait to see your renditions!”

How To Do Jlo TikTok Challenge

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The video features her throwing some pricey items into the sand. The challenge isn’t quite picky till now. Some users have trolled her over this video trend while others are appreciating her efforts for gracing the music industry for 20 years.

One user has added the following words on her video, “Instead of throwing expensive stuff on the beach, find a group of college students and pay their, debts for example…” Well, that was not a worthy comment as she has donated millions to charity

Some of the users are trying to recreate the video trend by imagining a powerful anthem while throwing a gold lamé bag out of a convertible Mercedes. The true fans of Jlo are jamming to this old song “Love Don’t Cost A Thing.”

Some of her fans have already come up with videos, lip syncing to the song while wearing similar outfits as of Jlo to recreate it perfectly. Many other users are using the hashtag “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” to get noticed by their favorite performer.

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Concluding words

This was all about the Jlo TikTok Challenge that asks the users to participate in order to celebrate 20 successful years of Jlo’s song “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” Hope the challenge gets to Foryou page of TikTok very soon.

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