Justin Bieber New Music Video Honest — Lyrics Explained

Justin Bieber has just rolled his new music video ‘Honest’, and fans are trying to figure out the real meaning behind the lyrics. If you are among such fans of Justin Bieber, here we have broken down everything about this trending music album.

Gone are the days when Justin Bieber used to roll music albums like Baby, One Time, What Do You Mean? And Boyfriend, his songs are getting mature as he has become a husband now.

After his marriage, fans are witnessing some mature video albums from Justin. Some of the last tracks he rolled in March 2021 were, Ghost, Unstable, Hold You, and more which became quite popular among the fans.

Following these albums of 2021, Justin Bieber has released Holy, Peaches, and Hold On in 2022, and now the new music video is ‘Honest’ that users are eager to know about.

Justin Bieber’s New Music Video And Lyrics

Image Of Justin Bieber’s New Music Video And Lyrics

Justin has remained among the top singers ever since his debut. After rising to stardom in 2008, Justin has become a global sensation. He has a huge fan following on social media platforms. On Instagram, he has amassed 233M followers while he has garnered whopping 68.8M subscribers on his official YouTube channel.

Following his recent albums, the start is again trending on the internet. In this current week, Justin has dropped ‘Honest’ for his fans to jam on. This music video was released on April 29th, 2022. The video features Houston-born 27-year-old rapper Don Toliver.

The official song and video both were released on YouTube. Cole Bennett is the director of this amazing track.

Just like most of his previous albums, Bieber’s latest song ‘Honest’ also is a pop song with Hip Hop and Trap influences. You will find the lyrics in the next paragraph.

Fans’ Reaction To Justin Bieber’s New Music Video ‘Honest’

Image Of Fans Reaction To Justin Bieber’s New Music Video ‘Honest’

The lyrics of this new Justin Bieber music video go as below:

Off top, you the sun in my morning (In my morning)
I tried to get away, but it’s boring (But it’s boring)
You’re my safe haven I needed all along (All along)
And you’re my dime piece and I can’t take less than one (Less than–, you the)
You the–whew (Yеah, yeah)
You the one (You thе one)
Trinity, you like three in one (Three in one)
Ratio, ten to one (Ten to one)
You get spicy (You get spicy)
I like that cajun on you (Yeah)
On occasion, that’s your testimony (That’s your testimony)
I like that hazel on you (Like that hazel on you)
I look straight in your eyes, holy matrimony

Fans think that, Justin is referring to his wife as it is a love song. The chorus of the song ‘Honest’ go as below:

You stay down and you the baddest (Baddest)
Find you in the cut, I copped it (I copped it)
Honest (Honest), uh
You kept it real with me from jump

Bieber’s fans think is going to be a big hit. Several of his fans have already started discussing it on Twitter, while others have asked radio stations to play the song. Fans have also revealed that they are enjoying the video as well.

One of Justin’s fans wrote on Twitter:

“Justin has “outdone” himself: “No because I’m really over here pretending that this girl is me. I am obsessed with this song and music video. Justin Bieber, you’ve outdone yourself once again.“

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The Last Words

This was all about what the Justin Bieber New Music Video Honest speaks about. Have you watched the music video? Share your experience in the comment box below.

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