Lawyer Cat Filter — Here’s How To Get It

A new Lawyer Cat Filter has gone viral after a Texas lawyer entered a virtual court hearing with a cat filter on. The filter made him appear like a white cat with large, tear-filled eyes.

As technology is growing at a rapid speed, Gen X is struggling to cope with the technological means. Especially in days of the pandemic, when almost every service and business shifted to online means, we witnessed the struggles of Gen X.

A recent event justifies this thought as a Texas lawyer named Rod Ponton encountered some technical mishap while attending a virtual court hearing via Zoom.

After he entered the virtual hearing, he realized that his face is covered with a filter that made him look like an innocent cat with watery eyes. Judge Roy Ferguson saw the cat filter on Mr. Porton’s face and said “Mr. Ponton, I believe you have a filter turned on in the video settings”. Upon listening to the Judge’s remarks Porton’s cat eyes rolled over, looking at the screen, and then he said “I’m here, live, I’m not a cat”.

This video was uploaded on the court’s YouTube channel and it went viral right away. The video has racked up more than 10 Million views so far. Since then, many Zoom users are wondering how to get this effect, if you are among those users then here is how to get the Lawyer Cat Filter.

What Is Lawyer Cat Filter

Image Of What Is Lawyer Cat Filter

Lawyer Cat Filter that went viral after Ponton’s technical mishap. It is a lens that feature you like a white cat on the live video calls. While talking about the cat filter, Ponton told CNN that he has no idea how the filter was activated on his screen. He further added, moments before he signed in, he looked like a human but he suddenly transformed into a cat as soon as he logged into the hearing.

“Somehow, when I got called into court, I miraculously transformed into a cat,” Porton told CNN. Porton told the Judge that he was using his secretary’s old Dell desktop computer and he has no idea how to turn off this filter.

How To Remove Lawyer Cat Filter On Zoom

The Lawyer Cat Filter isn’t available on Zoom instead you can get it from Live Cam Avatar. It is a tool available for an old software program called Dell Webcam Manager. Users can download it on their PC’s but it doesn’t work with Mac operating systems.

According to CNN, Live! Cam Avatar doesn’t allow people to use the cat avatar directly in the zoom meetings. It only provides the users an option to record videos using the filter and share their screens while on video calls. Mr. Porton has also told CNN that he can’t find this filter anymore on the system. He doesn’t know how to recreate the avatar again.

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How To Get Lawyer Cat Filter On Zoom

After probing about various webcams we have finally found a way for you to spice up your next video meeting with a different avatar. Here’s how you can try out a variety of animal effects to Jazz up your virtual meetings.

  • Firstly, get the free Snap Camera app for Windows or Mac.
  • Once you have downloaded it, open the filter and you will witness a variety of filters.
  • Go to the search bar and search for any filter you want to try.
  • Now, you have to connect your filter with the Zoom camera. Open the Zoom app and go to the settings, then tap on the Video option. Later, tap on the Camera option and select the Snap camera.
  • Start a Zoom meeting and you will appear as the avatar you have selected previously.

Bottom Line

After accomplishing your mission, you can easily turn off the filter by tapping on the Settings option. Then go to Video > Camera and finally tap on the normal camera.

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