TikTok Stomach Workout — Safe Or Not?

The new Stomach Workout dance trend on TikTok has raised many health concerns and the health experts have warned about the potential threats. Here’s what experts think about the new Stomach Workout dance trend from TikTok.

This isn’t surprising to see an intense workout routine on TikTok as in past also content creators have shared many bizarre videos just to earn some views.

The video shared by a TikTok user named Janny14906 features an extreme workout routine which she claims to be the perfect ab routine. She further claims that it helps to burn belly fat and is a magical weight-loss tactic. However, experts are not in favor of this work-out routine.

Let’s check the expert’s stance on this Stomach Workout routine from the video-sharing app TikTok.

What Is TikTok Stomach Workout

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Stomach Workout video is the latest workout video that is sweeping the Foryou page on TikTok. It is an intense abdominal exercise that includes jerking one’s chest and hips forwards and then backward very hastily.

This video is being rolled by a new content creator from TikTok who has joined the video-sharing app recently in March. She seems to be a fitness trainer as most of her videos feature physical exercises. Most of her videos are captioned as “As long as you enjoy the skinny come together”.

In the comment section, Janny has advised her followers to follow the dance routine for five minutes every day. She has further responded to the queries of people in her comments sections saying, “Each movement requires five minutes of exercise,” and “see results after a month.” Janny has also promised that this ab routine will give her followers a skinny waist only if they follow the routine properly.

This viral video has highlighted some of the problems that exist on the video-sharing app. Janny’s popularity shows how TikTok allows content creators to rise to fame using dodgy techniques. Experts have alarmed about the serious impacts these videos can create on the mental health of people.

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Is It Safe To Do TikTok Stomach Workout

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As the video went viral on TikTok, health experts have come forward to discuss the potential risks attached to it. According to Janny, her workout videos will help people to reduce their abdomen.

But other wellness experts have considered it a myth. While talking to Insider, Personal trainer Sohee Lee said. “it’s a myth that you can target fat loss from a specific body part”. She added, “Specific exercises won’t give you a flat stomach.”

Sohee lee further notified that disregarding nutrition, sleep, drinking water and all of the other factors and doing one exercise won’t be healthy.

Sohee continued, “This person is promoting this exercise as what do if you want to get skinny, she also has other posts where she says multiple times, ‘Exercise for an hour a day and eat whatever you want,’ which of course is completely incorrect and this kind of advice is exactly what gets people into a lot of trouble where they go for a run then eat their faces off and end up gaining a bunch of weight.”

Some other health professionals have the opinion that the audience should not believe any fad diet routine and viral exercises because quick fixes are never realistic. In one of her interviews with Insider a Psychologist, Åžirin Atçeke said, “We are constantly bombarded by adverts selling us unrealistic expectations, ‘quick fixes’, and easy way-outs,” she explains to Insider.

“In a time where we are calling out fake news, it can be quite dumbfounding that certain content even passes advertising standards. But sadly, the more people that engage, the wider the reach.”

Bottom Line

This was all about the viral Stomach Workout Video from TikTok. Hopefully, you will consider the potential risks attached to any trend before hopping into it.

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