Manga Aesthetic Filter – How To Get it?

Manga lovers on TikTok are rolling videos featuring the ‘Manga Aesthetic Filter’ and they are totally taking over the video-sharing app. If you are among the Manga lovers eyeing getting this filter, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about what the Manga Aesthetic Filter is all about and how to create a video using this amazing filter on TikTok.

TikTok videos especially the TikTok trends and challenges are incomplete without filters. If you are an avid user of TikTok, you must have rarely come across a video without a filter. The TikTok effects and filters have become a vital tool for content creators to create amazing content.

Knowing the popularity of these effects and filters, TikTok is constantly rolling new filters on the platform. The filter creators consider all the likes and dislikes of users and thus come with the effects. For example, the Harry Potter Filter for Harry Potter lovers and Disney Filters for ones who love Disney characters.

Currently, the Manga Aesthetic Filter is making rounds on the Foryou page of TikTok as thousands of Manga lovers have already rolled videos using this filter. There are a few users who are still unable to spot the Manga Aesthetic Filter, thus we have crafted this article. Keep reading to know how to get the Manga Aesthetic Filter on TikTok.

How To Get Manga Aesthetic Filter On TikTok?

Image Of How To Get Manga Aesthetic Filter On TikTok

Manga Aesthetic Filter is just like all other cartoon filters that turn you into your favorite character once applied. However, this filter will turn you into a manga character and you are going to love the results.

The filter is being used by thousands of users so far and several videos using this filter have already been shared on TikTok. So far, more than 86K videos are being shared on TikTok using this filter.

This is not a new filter, it existed on the video-sharing app for quite a long now. Nonetheless, it is getting more popular now.

If you are looking to get this filter on TikTok, it is quite simple! Just look for a filter icon having a purple face with bold eyes as a filter icon. If you fail to spot this filter icon, below we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to get this filter on TikTok. Have a look!

Manga Effect TikTok

Image Of Manga Effect TikTok

If you are eyeing making a video using TikTok’s Manga effect, you will follow the below steps to get the filter:

  • To get the effect on TikTok, you will first be required to launch the TikTok app.
  • Now, tap on the plus icon to create a new video.
  • Select a background track of your choice to make the video even more entertaining.
  • Next, head towards the filters section and tap on the magnifying glass icon to search for the video.
  • In the search bar write, Manga Aesthetic, and hit the enter button.
  • From the results, choose the filter that shows a purple face will broad eyes as a filter icon.
  • Once you have got the filter, record the video.
  • After recording the video add the hashtag ‘MangaAestheticfilter’ and upload it to your handle.
  • Voila! You have found the filter and learned how to use it.

Another way you can get this filter is, simply to open your TikTok app and in the search bar write the filter name. In the results, you will get several videos that have used this filter. Open any of the videos and tap on the filter name, you will get the filter.

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The Final Words

This was all about what the Manga Aesthetic Effect on TikTok is, and how you can get it on the video-sharing app. Hopefully, the information was helpful.

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