Mark Love Is Blind Meme — The Viral Twitter Meme

Mark Love Is Blind Meme trend is making rounds on Twitter as Twitter users are reacting to cheating allegations. Although Mark was not at the Love Is Blind, he has now become a hot topic among his former crewmates.

The reality star Mark Cuevas has become the talk of the town as Twitter users are flaunting hundreds of memes about his show.

Meanwhile, the “Pod Squad” has got back together after 2 years of their relationships first starting out. Each of the crew members from C to Jessica, Diamond to Amber are appearing on Netflix’s After the Alter special, only Mark Cuevas was the only Love Is Blind star who wasn’t present.

Following this whole scenario, Twitter users are rolling tons of Mark Love Is Blind Memes. If you are not aware of the background story of this meme, read this article till the end.

What Is Mark Love Is Blind Meme

Image Of What Is Mark Love Is Blind Meme

The back story of Mark Love Is Blind Meme roots back to when Mark and LC started hanging out together. According to LC, they were exclusive and he “he lied to her for six weeks”. While talking about this LC said, “Me and Mark, we didn’t hit it off in the pods much but we all stayed friends and stuff. And a few months ago, he slid into my DM’s. We started hanging out and I thought we agreed that we were going to be exclusive but come to find out that was not the case, he was lying to my face for six weeks”.

Mark hasn’t reacted to the LC situation but Amber talked about his absence saying “he was being supportive for his girlfriend“.

Following this whole scenario of cheating allegations and all, people have taken it to social media to create memes about the whole drama. Since then the hashtag Mark Love Is Blind has amassed massive popularity.

As LC talked about Mark cheating on her during their dating phase, people concluded that there could have been any sort of crossover between Mark dating LC and meeting his current fiancé, Aubrey Rainey.

In one of the Tweets, a user responded to this whole drama with a GIF along with the caption, “Not Mark having a baby to be born in April“. “Amber also weird, I get mark is your friend but why are you defending him cheating but still got hatred for Jessica” added another.

Origin Of Mark Love Is Blind Meme

Image Of Origin Of Mark Love Is Blind Meme

The meme has originated from Twitter as LC came up with the cheating allegations. Mark Love Is Blind Meme got traction when Amber started fighting mark’s corner. However, this meme trend has now made its way to all social media platforms and viewers perceive Mark as a bad guy.

Twitter users do not seem happy with Amber’s reaction. One Twitter user Tweeted, We thought the #LoveisBlind Villians were Jessica and Giannina when it’s actually Mark, Damian, and Amber! Carlton retains the crown as the O.G villain”.

Another user said, “Excuse me, why is Amber defending Mark like this? Gaslighting Diamond & LC? With her whole chest?#LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlindAftertheAltar”

“Diamond you a real one for real- Amber IDK what shady shit you got with mark but what he did was wrong”, added another.

A Twitter user named @Esther said, “So was Mark and LC dating or talking? Mark should have shown up to give his side bc he’s looking like a fuccbois #LoveIsBlindAftertheAltar #LoveIsBlind”.

@Jazkia from Twitter also seems unhappy with Amber’s reaction as she posted “I’ve been a Jessica anti from day one but this whole gas-lighting, cheating, dating LC, baby momma Mark plotline makes me feel bad for her just a little bit… never thought I’d see the day #LoveIsBlind #loveisblindafterthealtar”

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Bottom Line

This was all about how the Mark Love Is Blind Meme originated and came so far. Hopefully, you have got an idea about the whole scenario behind this viral meme trend.

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