Michael Beckerman TikTok — Being Questioned About Child Safety

With rising concerns regarding child safety on TikTok, a senate panel has questioned Michael Beckerman, the representative of TikTok in the USA. Here is more about this topic of concern and Michael Beckerman, who has currently become the talk of the town.

TikTok is home to more than a billion users now. With an increase in the number of users, the quality of content is deteriorating day by day. Despite clearly defined community guidelines, there are several TikTok accounts that post illicit and dodgy content with each passing day.

Since its launch, we also have witnessed several perilous challenges that endangered lives of many young users. Challenges like, Magnet ball and milk crate challenge have injured several users. Some young users have even lost their lives following such challenges.

Considering all these scenarios, parents of young TikTok users always remained worried about the type of content that their children are consuming on the Chinese video-sharing app.

To address all the concerns about child safety and security, a senate panel recently questioned the video-sharing app’s representative Michael Beckerman in the USA. Here is everything you need to know about this recent development and the platform’s representative Michael Beckerman.

Who Is Michael Beckerman?

Image Of Who Is Michael Beckerman

Michael Beckerman one of TikTok’s representatives in the USA, was questioned about the app’s policies for child safety.

Michael heads the public policy department of TikTok in America. He is also the vice president of TikTok in the USA. According to the LinkedIn page of Michael Beckerman, he is an alumnus of George Washington University. He is serving as TikTok’s public policy head since March 2020. Before joining TikTok, Michael Beckerman served as the CEO of The Internet Association.

In a recent development, Michael Beckerman was summoned by a Senate parliament to discuss the child safety measures, focusing specifically on how the algorithm is utilized.

As revealed by several reports, the Senate panel said that “TikTok’s algorithm can push young users into content glorifying eating disorders, drugs, violence”. To this, Michael Beckerman responded that TikTok has “made a number of improvements to the way that people have control of the algorithm and have age-appropriate content on TikTok.”

Michael Beckerman Questioned Regarding The Safety Of Children

Image Of Michael Beckerman Questioned Regarding The Safety Of Children

The TikTok’s representative further revealed that the platform restricts users less than 16 ages to host live streams and or to send DMs. We further clarified that “We do not share information with the Chinese government.

“We have a world-renowned U.S.-based security team that handles access.”

The representatives for several other social media platforms including Snapchat and YouTube were also present there. Each of the platform representatives clarified how they are working on child safety on their platforms. They also revealed how their overall algorithm actually works.

With advanced social media networks, child safety has become a huge concern. Most parents have revealed that they are unable to control the heinous content despite several efforts. And most of them are worried about their children’s safety and security.

Although all online platforms have identified their security and community policies, we have rarely seen them implementing these terms and conditions practically. Thus, it has now become essential for parents to keep a check on their children. And to keep an eye on what type of content their child is consuming.

Also, parents must let their young ones use the internet in their presence only. Otherwise, it will become difficult for them to cope with the consequences.

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Last Words

This was all about Michael Beckerman from TikTok and his recent discussion about the child security policies in front of the Senate panel. Hopefully, the article has provided all the essential details you needed to know.

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