Morph On TikTok — The Popular Filter From TikTok

Have you ever tried to Morph your face on TikTok? If not, then what are you waiting for? Here is a handy guide for you to lay your hands over the most popular Morph Filter from TikTok.

It would not be wrong to call social media as Filters World now. From un-ending live sessions to trendy Avatars and Bitmojis, social media has become an ever-evolving world. To retain their worthy users, social media applications now are in a race.

Every day you open your social apps, you will witness some new filters making rounds on your newsfeed. Like every other social media app, TikTok has also showered its users with plenty of filters.

Among the most popular filters of TikTok comes the Morph Filter. Here is how to get this filter and experience a magical transition.

What Is Morph On TikTok

Image Of What Is Morph On TikTok

Morph on TikTok is among some of the most popular filters of TikTok. The videos having #Morph have been viewed more than 17 Billion times on TikTok. This is proof of how popular this filter is.

The Morph filter uses face recognition technology to detect the faces and make a smooth transition between the pictures. Using the filter, users can know how their appearance changes with time.

To apply the filter you will have to provide your random pictures from Childhood to adulthood. Once the filter is applied, it morphs the pictures with the next pictures to create a smooth transition. This transition truly looks magical and astonishing.

Many content creators have even applied this filter on pictures of various celebrities and the change we have witnessed cannot be explained in words. The filter truly defines the transition of an individual over time. In some videos, you would be stunned to see the change while in others you might say they still have the same face.

How To Get The Face Morph Filter On TikTok

To get the Face Morph Filter On TikTok, you have to follow the below steps.

  • Initially, open your updated TikTok app and head towards the recording screen.
  • Once you have opened the screen, you will witness some options saying 60s, 15s, and Photo Templates.
  • Tap on the Photo Templates option and scroll across all the templates to get this filter.

You can watch the below video if you still have any ambiguity.

How To Do Morph Effect On TikTok

Image Of How To Do Morph Effect On TikTok

Once you have found the filter, it is now time to create the video. In order to morph faces together, you will have to collect some pictures of yours. Make sure that the pictures you are selecting should be ones describing different stages of your life.

After tapping on the filter, you will get the option to choose five pictures for morphing. Once you have uploaded the pictures, the video will create the transition automatically. It will morph all your pictures one by one to create a magical transition. What you need to make sure about here is to provide the pictures in right order.

Either you can start with your childhood pictures or you can select the current pictures first and the childhood pictures later. You can change the order of pictures until you get the perfect results.

You can even apply this effect to the pictures of your favorite celebrities to find how their appearance has evolved over time. Some users have reported that this filter isn’t available for them.

The reason might be because some old phones cannot run certain TikTok filters, or it might also be the case that TikTok has removed the filter as we have often witnessed seasonal filters come and go.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the famous Morph Filter from TikTok. You can share your experience in the below comment box if you have already tried this filter.

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