Mstriggahappy TikTok — All You Need To Know

Here is about another viral sensation Mstriggahappy TikTok. Have you seen a lot of videos by MsTriggahappy on TikTok’s Foryou page? Want to know more about her? If yes, then you are on the most relevant post. Keep reading and get to know all facts about the viral Mstriggahappy TikTok.

TikTok is an amazing platform for people to showcase their skills. There is a community for everyone on TikTok. Whether you are fashion, cooking, dance, or fitness freak, TikTok will make you feel at home. We have also seen people earning a lot of money by just coming up with creative content. To be famous on TikTok, all you have to do is to come up with quality content.

The TikTok dancer Mstriggahappy is famous for twerking. She earns millions of views for just twerking in her TikTok posts. She has garnered more than 5.7M hearts on her videos. She is also known for her gaming videos. She also inspires her followers by showing her amazing stretching skills. Let’s dive into more detail to know about the TikToker’s real life.

Who Is Mstriggahappy TikTok

Image Of Who Is Mstriggahappy TikTok

Earwaxsmeller, mainly known by her social media user name Mstriggahappy is a content creator. She is followed for her dance and gaming videos on TikTok and YouTube. She streams live videos while playing GTA from her Facebook and YouTube channel.

Here is more detail about her,

Her real name is EarWaxSmeller

She is born and raised in United States

She is a TikTok Personality and we don’t have any further details about her professional career.

Sexuality: Straight

Age- we are unable to find information about her age, family and siblings.

Boyfriend- There is no information available about her present relationships.

If you want to know more about her personal life, then you can follow her on Instagram. You will get her as @mstriggahappy_ on Instagram. Further, you can follow her on Twitter as well; her twitter ID is @mstriggawho. Her Facebook ID is @MsTriggaHappy, and she can be found as @earwaxsmeller on TikTok. So many people are also inquiring for her contact number, but we are unable to find it till now.

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Mstriggahappy TikTok Age

Image Of Mstriggahappy TikTok Age

Apart from being a TikTok sensation, Earwaxsmeller is also known as an Instagram model. She has an immense followers count on Instagram. She has more than 184k followers on Instagram. Her Instagram bio says she is a Gamer and “Ur Fav Accountant”.

The content she uploads on all of her social media accounts mainly contains dance and gaming videos. She has also uploaded videos to teach her fans the twerking skills she has. This video has earned more than 24.6k hearts and 384 comments till now.

The TikTok dancing star has followed all the TikTok trends and she excels every trending dance step. She was witnessed dancing on the famous bod-ody trend. In one of her Instagram post she has revealed her Snapchat user name as well. You can find her on Snapchat as Goddess Triga.

She has also shared with her fans that she has 2 kids. Most of the people don’t believe this as she just looks so fit and young. In an Instagram comment a fan of Mstriggahappy has commented that “I believe you have 2 kids what I can’t believe is someone had you and let you go. You are a woman that would make any guy in his right mind a dream come true, to cherish and respect every second of his life” This comment reveals that she is a single mother.

Bottom Line

This was all about the famous social media star Mstriggahappy. Hope you have got ample information about your favorite TikTok sensation. You can follow her on other social media accounts, using the details provided in this article.

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