Chika TikTok — Another Viral Dancing Star

Have you seen a lot of videos with Hashtag Chika TikTok on the Chinese video sharing application lately? Are you curious to know from where this viral trend evolved? Do you want to know who this viral personality is? If yes, then you are reading most relevant article. Here is all detail about the famous Chika TikTok dancing sensastion.

2020 was the year of TikTok. As the Corona Pandemic restricted people to their houses, most of the population shifted towards this video sharing application to spend their leisure time. TikTok with its viral trends, challenges and hit tracks was always there to entertain people in their difficult time.

At the end of Corona year, TikTok users are obsessed with a new dancing sensation. Most of them even don’t know much about this star but still they are enjoying this trend. Let’s discuss about Chika in more detail to know who she is and all about her real life.

Who Is Chika From TikTok

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In recent days a girl with a charming smile named as Chikakiku is going viral on TikTok. She is often called as Chika on this video sharing application. Chika’s TikTok account has garnered more than 2.3 Million followers and still counting.

She is famous for her cute dance videos and for her sweet smile. Chika has uploaded videos that feature parody and dancing. She usually follows all the latest trends due to which all of her videos get to the Foryou page of TikTok. The followers have always praised her cute innocent smile and amazing dance skills. This is why she has become a celebrity on TikTok.

This TikTok star has an attractive number of followers on Instagram as well. Due to her parody skills, she gives endorsement services for various forms of products. If you want to know more about her real life then you can follow her on Instagram, twitter and TikTok account. Below is the detail of her user names on all these three social media platforms,

Twitter ID: @chikiIeyy

TikTok ID : @chikakiku

Instagram ID: chndrika_

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Why Is Chika From TikTok Viral

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If you are live on TikTok, then you must know about the beautiful TikTok artist who is often called Chikakiku. She is among the rising stars of TikTok. Chikakiku often called as Chika, is a talented young TikToker. She often uploads dance and parody videos. Whatever content she shares, her sweet smile compliments each of her video. This is the reason her TikTok videos make to the Foryou page every single day.

Chika mostly creates videos along with her friends. She creates so many videos with her father as well. Along with TikTok, she gets millions of hearts for her Instagram posts as well. She has almost 921.9k followers on Instagram. Along with being a skilled content creator, she also has an amazing fashion sense. So many users on TikTok watch her videos to get fashion inspirations.

While going through her Instagram account, we have concluded that she is a very ordinary girl with ordinary desires. In an Instagram caption she has added that “All I want is a clear mind and a Happy heart”. In another post she added a beautiful picture of herself standing at a beach and the picture was captioned as “She is strong, Even you broke her heart she still smiles.

Bottom line

This was all about the viral star of TikTok, Chika. Hope the article has provided all available information you needed to know about your favorite TikTok star. You can use the below comment box to reach us for any further queries.

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