Mutuals Meaning TikTok — New Feature Added On TikTok

Have you heard about the new feature to be added on TikTok? Do you know the Mutuals Meaning TikTok? If not then here is all you need to know about this new tab to be added on TikTok.

After 4 years of its launch TikTok has gained massive popularity among the users. With increasing popularity TikTok is also working on improving the user interface. From its simple video editing tools to plentiful soundtracks, effects and filters it has proved itself as a simple application to use. Further, the UX/UI design of TikTok is so good that it attracts the new users and retains the old ones.

Despite of all these incredible features some users have criticized the app for being harder to use just like Snapchat. According to these users, “It is weirder to use than other apps” because upon opening the app you will get to see unwanted videos playing and you will get no clue to stop these weird videos.

Other than this, it is not easy for a new user to spot his/her followers, followings. Keeping these reservations in mind, TikTok is working on improving its user interface. Currently, it is working to add “Mutuals” tab on the homepage of TikTok. Let’s get into detail and learn what this new feature means.

What Does Mutuals Mean On TikTok

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Word “Mutuals” on TikTok mean having a common connection and interest. This is quite similar to the “Mutual” feature available on Facebook. Once added, the feature will enable the TikTok users to see mutual connections. This feature will be helpful in reaching like-minded people.

It will also work on increasing the user’s engagement as they will be able to spot profiles that match their interests. On the basis on this new tab, users will be able to enjoy content on the ground of their interest and likeness.

The exact meaning of Mutuals is having a common connection between two accounts. If you and your friend follow a similar account, then that particular account will be termed as your mutual connection. On the basis of these mutual connections, Facebook generates the “People You May Know” data.

As the new feature is going to be added soon, users have said that the video sharing application is trying to copy the user interface of Facebook and Instagram. Some other users have come up with the opinion that, it is Instagram and Facebook that have copied certain features from TikTok, like the Instagram Reels and etc.

How To Use “Mutuals” On TikTok

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Using the “Mutuals” tab is quite simple. It is just an addition to the existing tabs of TikTok. Go to the profile and before the followers option you will witness a new tab named as “Mutual”. Tap on the tab and it will provide a list of accounts that match your interests. You can now follow these accounts to enjoy content on the basis of your interest and likeness.

The news about this new feature was announced by Alessandro Paluzzi using the following words “#TikTok is working on the “Mutual” tab to show the mutual connections” in reply to this tweet a user has added the following words, “Their whole UI is basically a low version of Instagram, and people be saying Instagram copy them”

Be it a copied feature or not, this feature is going to be an amazing addition to TikTok and users are surely going to appreciate it.

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Concluding Words

To cope with its position among the social media applications, TikTok is working on some incredible features to surprise its users. Let’s wait and hope for some simple yet effective features to be added in UI of TikTok. This was all about Mutuals Meaning TikTok, hope you have got enough information about the newly added feature.

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