How To Make Your Name Invisible In Among Us [Explained]

Do You want to be a nameless imposter and play like a pro who never leaves a trace behind? Do you want to know How To make your name invisible in among us? Here is the answer to all your questions.

Among Us has become a gaming sensation in a very short time span since its launch in 2018. This popular IOS and Android game’s popularity has almost doubled in last few months. Recently this multiplayer game has peaked at over 388000 players, which is higher than every other game, besides CS:GO, Dota 2, and PUBG.

It has 60 million active players daily, most of them are playing on mobile devices. In the last summer, Among Us has gained so much popularity. This all happened because of the role played by top content creators on Twitch and YouTube. The content creators streamed the game on YouTube and hence it attracted so many users to play the game.

Hide Name In Among Us

Image Of Hide Name In Among Us

While playing Among Us it is essential to use the environmental objects. No matter how good you are at hiding, an in-game user name can cause an emergency meeting to take place at any time. Making your name Invisible In Among Us is quite tricky but once the players hide their names, it is then impossible to find or identify them. If you are playing as an imposter, hiding your name is a clever way to evade suspicion.

The trick only works for mobile players as the developers have fixed it on PC version. Since then hiding user name on Among us does not work on PC. Some users think that this may have a short life span as the trick is no longer available for PC players. So, in near future this may be fixed for mobile players as well.

With an invisible name you can hide in tight places which was not possible with a user name on. As an imposter it will be really easy for you to earn kills with an empty name, while as a crewmate you may be overlooked by the killers.

How To Make Your Name Invisible In Among Us

Having an Invisible name enables your character to be least found inside the game. This is how the trick actually works by copy pasting a Unicode

Firstly, open your browser and type U+3164, then Open the website appearing at the top.

There you will find a blank box, copy the blank space and get back to Among Us

Tap on the name field provided for your user name.

Long tap on the name field so that you can get the option to paste

Paste the Unicode character copied earlier.

After pasting the blank space you may experience that the cursor moves slightly along, it indicates that there is character written in the name field. Now you can hit the enter button. Here you go, your character has no name!

Players should know that the space bar may not work if you want to type it inside the name field provided. So, you have to copy the Unicode and paste it. After applying this trick you can get away from being targeted by your enemies. But note that, you can still be targeted using the identifiable color you have. You will not be completely invisible but no text will not appear above your character.

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Hiding the user name in among us is just another trick for a head start. Users can be stealthier using this trick and can start a riot without being identified. The exploit only works for the players using mobile devices as it has been fixed by the developers for PC users.

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