Piercing Filter — Here’s How To Do Piercing Without Pain

Who doesn’t want to do piercing without pain? Of course no one! Instagram is here with the brand new Piercing Filter that gives you a cool look in no time. If you are searching to know how this filter can be accessed then we have got you covered. This article will give you all details about this new AR filter on Instagram.

Instagram filters are famous among users of all age groups. These filters have also a positive impression on Instagram accounts to grow the audience. Using the filters one can grow the visual attractiveness of their feed as well. Earlier people had only access to Puppy filter and couple of some other filters but now as the users have authority to create and publish AR filters on Instagram, people are exposed to thousands of filters.

The Instagram filters are categorized into three types, AR filters, face filters, and color picture effects and all of them have different usage. If you know how to use them efficiently, then you can have a handsome followers count. This piece of writing will tell you about the AR filter known as Piercing filter.

What Is Piercing Filter On Instagram

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Piercing Filter is an AR Filter that has created buzz on Instagram. It gives you a cool look by giving you a trendy eyebrow piercing without pain. This filter is created by a talented 3D artist who is the creator of some other amazing filters including Pharaoh Filter, and another one which causes a tarantula to crawl out of your mouth.

If you are thinking about getting your nose/eyebrow pierced and are confused whether it will suit you or not then piercing filter is the best way to know this. We would suggest you to apply the filter on your face and ask your friends to review the look by creating the Instagram poll.

Like other user created filters, piercing filter is also so easy to access. You won’t get this among the filters list but it can be accessed by following the creator of this filter.

How To Get Piercing Filter On Instagram

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To get the filter firstly open your Instagram account and type @nelzster01 in the search bar and then hit enter button. Now you will get to see a user named as Nelson. He is a creative filter developer and a 3D artist who has created plenty of filters already.

Once you get the user’s profile, tap on the follow button and then you will be able to access all his work. After getting into Nelson’s profile look for the Piercing filter and apply it on your face. When applied firstly you will get some grey spots on your face. These spots indicate the locations where you can place the “piercings”.

You have to tap on all these spots to get the piercings. You can also add some other accessories by tapping on these locations again. Currently users have access to 3 types of piercings, Black, Gold and Silver. You can try any of these colors by tapping and holding long on the piercings.

A similar trend was popular on TikTok also. The hashtag #piercingchallenge was famous among the TikTok community for a long period. Another similar filter is available on Snapchat as well. But the Snapchat filter will give you nose piercing only. This filter is also famous among the Snapchat users.

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Last Words

This was all about the cool Augmented Reality filter by nelson. Hope the article has provided ample information related to this viral lens. Let us know with your comments if this article was worth your read or not. You can further follow us to know about all trending filters on Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

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