Rainbow Kiss Meaning On TikTok – Explained

The latest raunchy slang to go viral on TikTok is ‘Rainbow Kiss’ and here we have penned down its meaning. But beware, you may feel uncomfortable after knowing about the meaning of the Rainbow kiss on TikTok.

While scrolling across the feed on TikTok, you must have come across several slang terms. Some of these terms are just short forms of long words, some are informative but there also are some that are created in order to keep conversations secret. For example, TikTok doesn’t allow the users to share explicit content and bans the creators, who involve in creating such content, thus what the creators do is, use secret terms that we call slang terms to let their followers know about their content.

One such term that is going viral on TikTok lately is ‘Rainbow Filter’. This term has made several internet users uncomfortable, however, some users have found it cool. The majority of internet users are shocked after searching this term on Google.

If you have missed the meaning of a Rainbow kiss, here is what it means on the Chinese video-sharing app TikTok.

What Is A Rainbow Kiss On TikTok?

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The term ‘Rainbow Kiss’ is not something beautiful as it sounds. The majority of people who have come to know its meaning have found the term filthy. They are shocked to hear how people think about doing such filthy acts.

Although, the definition of this term is not quite impressive but let us explain it to you anyway. Well, Rainbow Kiss is a specific type of sex act that involves menstrual blood. Yes, you heard it right! It is some kind of oral sex during the period. After doing oral sex during the period, the couple then kisses one another and calls it a rainbow kiss.

The majority of internet users who have encountered content related to the rainbow kiss have found it a strange act. Doctors and experts have also taken it to Twitter to ask their followers not to indulge in such acts.

Talking about this particular type of kiss, ob-gyn Heather Irobunda, MD said, If you are unsure of your partner’s STD status, you should not be sharing rainbow kisses.”

So, if you are planning to attempt this strange kiss, think twice before you proceed.

Rainbow Kiss TikTok

Image Of Rainbow Kiss TikTok

According to the definitions we have found in Urban Dictionary, this term has existed for quite a long on the internet.

To save you a Google search, we have provided the definitions of Rainbow kiss according to the Urban dictionary below:

“During a girls menstruation, the male performs oral sex and takes a mouthful of her blood. While the male has blood in his mouth the girl performs oral sex and takes a load. They then exchange a passionate kiss with their body secretions in their mouth through a kiss

When Sean was giving a rainbow kiss, to Vanessa he got a case of the red teeth.”

Another definition goes as:

“Rainbow kiss is when a couple (heterosexual), have sex while the female is in her menstrual cycle and the man cums in her mouth and he gets some blood from the woman’s vagina and they kiss and mix the contents of their mouths forming a beautiful rainbow kiss.

guy 1: ayo dawg, me and my bitch gonna try that shit, whats it called?…. a rainbow kiss, you know what that is?
guy 2: yes, thank god im gay
guy 1: WHAT”

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The Last Words

This was all about the viral Rainbow Kiss and its meaning on the video-sharing app TikTok. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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