Read Choi And Gina Darling — All You Need To Know

Read Choi And Gina Darling were flaunting in the social media headlines few days back. Want to know what happened that made TikTok star Read Choi apologize his ex-girlfriend, Gina? If yes, then stick with the article. You will get to know all details about the recent controversy between the famous TikTok stars Read Choi And Gina Darling.

Read Choi is a popular TikTok star and a social media sensation. With a family of 2.7 million followers, he is praised by so many users on TikTok. As of now he has racked up 93.5 million likes on all of his videos. His content mainly revolves around, parody acts, lip sync videos and funny videos.

Besides TikTok he is also followed by thousands of people on Instagram and Twitter. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter under the user names @readchoi and @choi_read respectively.

There is very little information about Read on internet; he has not revealed any information regarding his family, age or education. It is said that “Read” isn’t his real name so his name is still a mystery.

In some recent days, he remained in the headlines of social media after facing a controversy with his Ex girlfriend. Let’s dive into details and learn the facts behind this drama. Stick with us!

Read Choi And Gina Darling Drama

Image Of Read Choi And Gina Darling Drama

Followed by millions of users on TikTok and Instagram, Read is loved by people from every corner of the world. Gina, another TikTok star is Read’s ex girlfriend. They started dating in December 2020 and since then they were seen creating TikTok content together.

However, they decided to split their ways few weeks earlier.  After breaking up with his girlfriend, Read posted a series of content expressing how miserable he feels after their breakup. His followers believed his feelings until Gina came up with a series of videos revealing the reasons behind their split. Since then, users are pouring negative comments on Read’s Instagram and TikTok videos.

Who Is Gina Darling On TikTok

Gina revealed that after their relationship ended, everything was normal. But situation started deteriorating when she spotted Read hanging out with a girl he met on a dating site soon after their breakup. She was shocked knowing that Read is dating a girl whom he met over a dating site because Read often referred to people using a dating site as “weak.”

Situation worsened when Gina met a girl who tried to cancel Read in past. According to Gina, Read met this girl over dating site as well. After doing some more investigations she came to know that Read has multiple girlfriends who he uses for clout. Gina has also revealed that Read has slept with more than 100 people.

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Who Is Choi Darling On TikTok

Image Of Who Is Choi Darling On TikTok

One after another, Gina rolled a series of videos revealing so many shocking facts. Another allegation Read got from Gina is that, Read decided to sleep with Gina despite of the fact that he was tested positive for Chlamydia. Gina confirmed about his disease while talking to BrunchVirals in one of her recent conversation over Instagram. She further added, that his behavior with her was harsh and he always manipulated her.

Image Of Gina Confirming About Read's Disease

After all these allegations, Read has come forward and apologized. In one of his Instagram posts he wrote, “I have mistreated these women, and for that, I am deeply sorry. And you are right, I should have said sorry sooner, but I did not, and for that, I am sorry as well.”

While speaking about STD, he added “I was simply uneducated. I showed no symptoms and so, like an idiot, I did not think I had it. But as soon as I heard Gina got Chlamydia, I realized my mistake, and I apologized to her, I got tested have educated myself, and am currently getting treated.”

He further stated that he is trying to escape the pain through sex. He concluded his post with the following words, “I am seeking professional help, as well as, looking for other ways to deal with my problems in a healthy/ productive way.”

Bottom Line

This was all about the controversy of famous TikTok stars Read Choi And Gina Darling. Let us know if you found this piece of writing productive or not!

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