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If you are an avid user of Instagram, you might have seen the term ‘SFS’ appearing on the platform, but do you know the meaning of this trendy abbreviation? If not, you have reached the most appropriate place. Keep reading and get all the possible meaning of this viral short term.

Social media users have their own collection of slang terms and short forms. Most social media users prefer using short forms instead of writing long phrases, thus it is essential to learn all the short terms in order to interact better on Instagram and all other social media platforms.

Besides Instagram, TikTok and Twitter users also like using slang terms and acronyms in their captions and comments. Thus, to understand what’s going around, you must be well informed about all the emerging slangs terms and acronyms.

Currently, users on Instagram are talking about a new short-term ‘SFS’, and here we have gathered all the possible meanings of this phrase. Stay tuned and get to know all details about this Instagram term!

What Is The Meaning Of SFS On Instagram?

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Instagram users are pouring a short-term SFS in the comment section and captions. Some users are aware of its meaning but there also are some who are snooping across several social media platforms to get to know its meaning.

After witnessing this acronym’s popularity, some users have rushed towards Twitter to inquire about its meaning. One user wrote on Twitter, “if someone saw this please tell me what is sfs meaning”.

Well, the meaning of Sfs may vary on Instagram. Following their needs, users on social media have derived different meanings of this acronym. In most cases, the full form of SFS is Shoutout for shoutout. It means if someone writes SFS in your comment section, they will give you a shoutout in their profile if you do the same for them.

SFS Meaning On Instagram

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Here are some more meanings of SFS according to the Urban dictionary.

1. Shout Out for Shoutout

“It is commonly used by Instagramers to request a return shoutout once a shoutout is provided to another Instagramer in an effort to get more followers.”

Usage in a sentence: Neal: SFS for more followers, please.

Bob: OK, will do @neal

In some instances, SFS may mean getting a lot of likes and comments in return for doing the spam. So, it may also be referred to as Spam for Spam.

Here is what Urban Dictionary has to say more about SFS.

2. Spam for spam,

It is a common phrase on Instagram and other social blogging websites, basically, a user requesting you to like a large number of their pictures in return for them like a large number of yours.

Usage: Hey, SFS?

3. For websites that buy and sell products, SFS may mean ‘Still for sale.

According to the Urban Dictionary, SFS means “Still for sale.

People will often ask this on sites like Shpock and Craigslist to ask if an item is still for sale or if it has already been sold.

Buyer: SFS?

Seller: Yes

4. People may also use SFS instead of “So F*cking Stressed”.

As revealed by the Urban Dictionary, SFS can be used “when you are stressed out beyond belief and you just can’t take it anymore.”

Usage: Bob: Finals are tomorrow bruh

Fred: Oh Shit I’m SFS!

Bob: I know I haven’t even started studying yet nikkuh

Fred: It’s too much to handle I give up.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the meaning of SFS on Instagram and its usage in different contexts. Hopefully, you have got all the required details about this popular acronym from the photo-sharing app Instagram.

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