Sleepy Chicken Trend On TikTok — Explained

TikTok users have come up with another bizarre trend that they have named the Sleepy Chicken Trend On the video-sharing app. Health experts have revealed that Sleepy Chicken Trend can cause severe health complications. If you are looking to be part of this bizarre trend, you must consider the following risks attached to it.

TikTok is mainly known for its amazing dance videos and challenges. Most video creators have earned popularity following these viral trends. Alongside coming up with entertaining content, some video creators have rolled bizarre videos that have become challenges later on.

In past also, we have seen several bizarre trends that have endangered lives of many. From milk crate challenge to blackout challenge, there are numerous dangerous challenges on the app.

Nonetheless, the list of dangerous challenges of TikTok is being added with another one. The Sleepy Chicken trend is the latest bizarre trend to take over the foryou page. Here is all you need to know about this wacky trend.

What Is The Sleepy Chicken Trend On TikTok?

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The Sleepy Chicken Trend is a bizarre video trend that is currently flaunting across the TikTok platform. Doctors and other health practitioners have discouraged the trend and have asked the users to stay away from it.

The wacky Sleepy Chicken Trend sees users creating their own recipe claiming it to be the remedy for cough and flu. Some users are calling it the ‘NyQuil chicken’, recipe because Nyquil solution, a medicinal product that helps with cold and flu. However, this recipe is not a good thing to try.

As part of this recipe, users are braising their chicken in the Nyquil solution. The Nyquil solution is meant to provide overnight relief from flu and cold. However, braising your chicken in this solution is not a good idea at all.

In the TikTok videos that have gone viral, users are seen pouring up to half a bottle of the medicine over their chicken while the meat simmers on the flame. Even looking at it, the product looks disgusting, imagine eating it? Well well, that’s a red flag.

Is Sleepy Chicken Trend Dangerous?

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Yes, the sleepy chicken recipe can be extremely hazardous for your health. The doctors also agree with this opinion. Talking about this trend with ‘The Sun’, Dr. Jeff Foster said “The idea that by saturating any food product in a medicine believing that it will provide some novel health benefit or cure is not just stupid, but incredibly dangerous.”

The doctor also talked about how important it is to consume the medicine in proper doses. He said, “We have doses on medicines for a reason. If you soak food in it, and then cook it, you are very likely to overdose or at least have no idea what dose you are getting.”

In another interview, another medical practitioner, Dr. Aaron Hartman, said, “If you ate one of those cutlets completely cooked, it’d be as if you’re actually consuming a quarter to half a bottle of NyQuil.”

The doctor further explained how this trending recipe can cause food poisoning. Doctor Hartman further added that, while cooking chicken in the medicine, you are consuming it twice, first, while smelling it when you cook and secondly while eating the chicken. This is not a safe practice at all.

TikTok has also issued a warning against this viral trend. TikTok is working on cleaning such bizarre videos so you might be asked to open the support link when you search for the challenge.

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Bottom Line

This was all about what the sleepy chicken trend is on TikTok and how it could be dangerous for your health. Hopefully, you will avoid hopping into such risky trends.

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