Snapchat Deleting Memories — Truth Or Rumor?

Came across the news regarding Snapchat Deleting Memories? Worried about your precious moments? Calm down folks! We will let you know if this news is true or just a rumor.

After its launch, our very favorite Snapchat introduced one of its most admired feature “Memories” for its users. This feature was praised by almost all of the users as it allows them to store all of their precious moments. It’s just like a virtual photo album that has all your happy and sad moments stored in it.

The favorite thing Snapchatters do is scrolling through their memories at a later date. Looking back to the memories in later dates is something really mesmerizing. When the news regarding Snapchat Deleting Memories broke out people are in shock. They are not believing the news because Snapchat has always been their favorite application then how can it just disappoint its users by removing their worthy memories?

Is Snapchat Removing Memories?

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The Snapchat feature “Memories” has always been our favorite feature since the start. It enables us to save our snaps and stories to memories which can be viewed in a later date. If you are a new user and want to know how it works then just go to your Snapchat camera, click a picture and click on the downward arrow in the left corner in bottom of your mobile screen. Users can then see these snaps on the exact dates every year reminiscing their old memories.

Users can also share their memories with their friends and to their stories in a later date.

People on twitter have been spreading a news saying Snapchat is Deleting Memories from December onwards. People have given strong reactions to the news as they are concerned about their remembrances.

After investigating the news we have come to the conclusion that it is just a rumor. And it’s not the only rumor Snapchat has faced. After contacting the Snapchat team we have concluded that Snapchat has not announced their plans to delete the memories feature yet. For now you all can just consider it a rumor and we hope it remains one.

Are Snapchat Memories Going Away?

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After encountering the news regarding Snapchat Deleting Memories, users have shown displeasure towards it. One of the Snapchat user said that, Snapchat getting rid of the memories feature is the dumbest thing he has ever heard. Another user said that it’s quite annoying to know they are going to lose their memories. It feels as if they are going to lose their money.

Some of the users claimed that they are using Snapchat just for the sake of memories. If Snapchat is going to get rid of memories then there is no other reason to retain the application. In a nut shell, users are quite annoyed by the news. They don’t want to get rid of their precious moments, it could be a huge loss for them if it is really true.

Since, Snapchat has not made any official announcement regarding this we can consider it fake. And we just hope that it remains fake. Users really want to keep scrolling through their memories to look back at the fun moments they had with their loved ones.

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Concluding Remarks

As people have access to all kind of information on internet, there also are chances for misinformation to get spread rapidly. Fake news has become a big problem to tackle with for social media users. Currently, we do not have any evidence of Snapchat Deleting Memories. So, users are advised to stay calm until any official statement is being made by the Snapchat Management. We hope that this article has given answers to all your queries.

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