Snapchat Matching Credentials Error — Explained

Following Snapchat’s Account Compromised And Locked Error, users are now encountering Snapchat Matching Credentials Error that isn’t allowing them to log into their accounts.

The snap-sharing app, Snapchat has always led the social media applications in terms of innovation. From being the first app to roll filters to the one that comes up with the idea of Avatars, Snapchat has offered a lot to its users.

Considering its popularity across the globe, the snap sharing app is constantly upgrading its features and user interface but in some recent reports, users have reported having encountered some errors. The current viral error reports that the app isn’t able to recognize the credentials hence prevent the users from logging into their account.

Let’s dive in deep to learn how the Snapchat Matching Credentials Error can be fixed.

What Does “Matching Credentials” Mean On Snapchat

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Snapchat Matching Credentials Error is a viral error that is hitting Snapchat users worldwide. While attempting to log into their accounts, users are encountering the following message: “Oops! We could not find matching credentials.”

The Matching Credentials error indicates that it is a log-in error but a Redditor pointed that this often occurs for users who are inputting correct credentials. He further wrote: “Today [Snapchat] logged me off both of my connected accounts and when I try to log back in on both of them, it says ‘Oops! We could not find matching credentials.’ Although I know that the username and password are 100% correct for both accounts”.

They further continued, “I tried restarting my phone, installing/uninstalling Snapchat, trying to log in from another phone, and it says the same. I also changed my password on one of the accounts but it says the same message. Is there anything I can do?”

The biggest reason for being locked out of an account is, the application sensed some suspicious activity. It might also be the reason that someone was trying to access your account’s information from an unknown location or the application simultaneously pinged account access attempts from wildly disparate locations.

While talking about the error Snapchat Tweeted, “We’re aware of a technical issue impacting some Snapchatters. Please hang tight as we are looking into it and working on a fix!”

How To Fix The Snapchat Matching Credentials Error

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What could possibly trigger this error is that someone might be trying to access your account at the same time you are using your Snapchat. Considering any one of the attempts a shady one, Snapchat prevents both the requests t complete.

Some users have reported that one way to fix this error is to click on the “forgot password” option and then reset your account password. This is the best way to prevent any hacking attempt as thousands of Snapchat accounts have been hacked recently.

Accounts that use the same usernames, emails, and passwords are more vulnerable to hackers. If you are following this practice, we would suggest you keep unique passwords for each of your social media accounts.

However, another fix reported by a Redditor named Fixedmysnapchat is, “Mine did the same thing! Snapchat is locking accounts. I thought mine was gone forever but it turns out it was just locked.”

They further said, “1. Click forgot password. 2. Click the option to change it through EMAIL. 3. When you open the email it should bring you to a screen that says ‘Manage My Account’ and has a list of many different yellow things to click on. 4. Click on the yellow ‘Unlock My Account.’ 5. It should verify that it’s unlocked. Then try and log in again.”

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Concluding Remarks

Snapchat has now Tweeted that “The issue has been resolved. If you’re still having trouble, please manually update your app in the App Store!” Hopefully, you will get rid of this error by simply updating the app.

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