Where Does The ‘Mommy Sorry’ TikTok Sound Come From?

With each passing day, a new sound pops up on the video-sharing app and currently, it is the era of ‘Mommy Sorry’ TikTok sound. If you have come across it, you must be thinking Where on earth Does The ‘Mommy Sorry’ TikTok Sound Come From? Well, we have found the answer. Keep scrolling to know more about it.

Besides being famous for amazing dance challenges and trends, TikTok also has a collection of bizarre background sounds. Following the viral sounds ‘Oh lord’, ‘Have you ever been in love?’ and ‘I got 500 dollars in cash’, TikTok users are now obsessed with another sound trend ‘Mommy Sorry’.  While pronouncing it, it goes like Excuse me? Excuse me? Mommy? Sorry.

You might also have seen your friends quoting this phrase on their social media captions but where did it actually come from? Let’s explore together.

Why Is The ‘Mommy Sorry’ TikTok Sound Viral?

Image Of Why Is The ‘Mommy Sorry’ TikTok Sound Viral

‘Mommy Sorry’ has become the current viral sound after thousands of users have hopped into the ‘Mommy Sorry’ TikTok Sound trend. The trend involves people creating skits whilst playing the ‘Mommy Sorry’ sound in the background.

The viral soundtrack says, “Excuse me? Excuse me? Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry? Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy?” It is dubbed in a male voice and users are curious to know the whereabouts of this wired sound.

Without even knowing anything about the origin of this sound, thousands of users have already rolled their own version of the ‘Mommy Sorry’ sound. While hearing the sound only, people perceive it to be a conversation between a mother and a son but the reality is totally opposite.

The Mommy Sorry’ sound takes its roots back to a video flaunted by a 20-year-old from an American TikTok user on 26th August. The video creator has a TikTok handle named @roofjesis where he has amassed over 17,000 followers.

The original video showcases the video creator following a girl in a car park. While following her to her car, he keeps saying ‘Mommy? Sorry’ over and over again.

For people who don’t know what “Mommy” means, it’s slang used on social media that refers to a hot girl. The social media users also say “daddy” to refer to a handsome guy. Hence, in the video, the video creator @roofjesis was saying the girl was attractive and hot.

This video is being viewed more than four million times and the phrase has blown up the foryou page.

The ‘Mommy Sorry’ TikTok Sound Back Story

Image Of The ‘Mommy Sorry’ TikTok Sound Back Story

TikTok users are also expressing their obsession with this viral video. Here is what a Twitter user @shiam thinks about the trend. He wrote, “The only thing playing in my head 24/7 is the mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry TikTok audio I need a reset”.

The phrase “Sorry. mommy?” has now become immensely popular that TikTok users are rolling thousands of posts captioning “Sorry. mommy?” Many other users have reached the comment boxes of attractive girls and are flooding them with ‘Mommy? Sorry’ comments.

Besides TikTok, the viral sound and the phrase have become popular over Twitter too. People are replying to photos and videos of pretty women with the phrase ‘Sorry? Mommy’.

Others are simply Tweeting the phrase over and over again hence the phrase has become a trending hashtag.

The “Sorry. mommy?” sound wave has struck thousands of users across various social media platforms and the majority of them are coming up with some fun-filled skits using this soundtrack.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the how and Where Does The ‘Mommy Sorry’ TikTok Sound comes from. Hopefully, you have got all the required information about this viral sound.

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