Latest Twitter Updates — Explained

Lately, the most popular social media platform, Twitter has rolled some updates and these latest updates include changes in in-app colors, the updated fonts, and some more additions. If you haven’t noticed these changes, let’s briefly talk about them and discuss what the users think about these alterations.

To enhance the in-app user experience, the giant social media platforms are in a continuous race. From introducing new features to alter the old ones, app developers are on a constant roll. Quite similar to all the social media platforms, Twitter also has made some changes to its design that are quite noticeable.

The most recent update that we noticed was the new Twitter font that it called “Chirp”. This new font was added as a replacement for the old font “Segoe UI”. Following this update, users have now witnessed some more updates that include in-app colors, a new image format, and some more other features.

Let’s look closely at all these latest updates made by Twitter.

What Are The Latest Updates Made By Twitter

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There is an array of updates made by Twitter recently. Some of these updates include:

  • Change in in-app color scheme
  • A new Image format
  • Ability to hide likes tweets
  • Remove followers,
  • Leaving conversations that become toxic
  • Archive older tweets
  • Users can also report posts as “misleading”.

Ever since its launch, Twitter is constantly updating its features in order to improve its User Interface. The noticeable features that it rolled recently seem to allow the users greater privacy customization.

If you are an avid user of Twitter, you might have witnessed the changed color theme. The updated in-app color scheme is high contrast and a lot less blue’. According to design experts, this color is selected to draw more attention from users to the photos and videos in the app.

Twitter has also made a slight alteration to the follow button as well. This button has undergone a minor change in August 2021. The updated following button has quite a similar color as the app’s background that resembles the texture of the old ‘Follow’ button. However, users are showing displeasure towards it. The users have reported that this new design is giving them an eye strain.

Users Reaction Towards The Twitter Updates

Image Of Users Reaction Towards The Twitter Updates

The new image format of Twitter has also become the talk of the town. The image pattern uses all of the horizontal space in-stream and removes all the current rounded borders on photos.

To be more specific, the new image design in Twitter for iOS stretches images, videos, and GIFs to their full width. As claimed by the design experts, this new image pattern gives the users an edge-to-edge design that eliminates the margins on either side of images and videos.

“Talking about this new image design Twitter support Tweeted, “Now testing on iOS:

Edge to edge Tweets that span the width of the timeline so your photos, GIFs, and videos can have more room to shine.”

Some other features to be launched on Twitter are, option to hide likes and tweets, archive old tweets, remove followers, and leaving toxic conversations. It also enables to report posts as ‘misleading’.

Here are some of the reactions given by Twitter users about the latest updates,

A user named @Amachi Sky said, “Wtf is this Twitter update why r photos so wide”. While another user wrote, “What the f**k is the new Twitter update.. Why does my TL look like YouTube”.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the latest updates from the popular social media platform, Twitter. What is your outlook on these new features? Let us know in the below comment box.

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