TikTok User Claims To Have Seen Mermaids — Explained

A TikTok user named .Sauce.90 claims to have seen Mermaids in one of his recent viral videos. But do Mermaids really exist and who is Fisherman.Sauce.90? Let’s explore.

If you want to experience some bizarre things, TikTok is the go-to place. From time travelers claiming jaw-dropping things to zombie women wandering on the streets, you will find thousands of bizarre stories on the app.

Recently, a user has gone viral on the TikTok app who claims to be a fisherman and has seen mermaids. In one of his viral videos, some strange voices can also be heard that he claims to be of the mermaids sailing in the sea. Let’s explore more about this viral video creator .Sauce.90 and the mermaids he has encountered so far.

TikTok Fisherman .Sauce.90

Image Of TikTok Fisherman .Sauce.90

@.sauce.90 is a content creator who is a fisherman by profession. He has over 335,000 followers on the video-sharing app. He is a fisherman hailing from New Bedford, Massachusetts, and often documents his journey across the sea.  @.sauce.90 also shares interesting things that he comes across in the sea.

He is also active on Instagram and he can be found under username @toomuch_sauce90. You can also find him on Snapchat under the username @rjcoleman247.

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Do Mermaids Really Exist?

Image Of Do Mermaids Really Exist

In his most viral video, he claims to see mermaids and records their sounds live on camera. @.sauce.90 calls them, sirens, which he claims to be a type of mermaid that can lure sailors with their hypnotic singing. They have also the ability to crash the ships into the rocky coasts.

Though the majority of people think that the video clips must be fake but the clips have become immensely popular on the video-sharing app. Being so popular for the mermaid videos, @.sauce.90 is now called the ‘mermaid guy’ on TikTok.

In one video, @.sauce.90 claims to have captured a siren on camera and also covered a big creature with a long tail swimming through the sea. But some people have denied the claims saying that the big creature seen in the video is just an Ocra.

He has also claimed that the government authorities have reached him to investigate the boat as his TikTok video went viral.

Is TikTok Fisherman .Sauce.90 Dead Now?

For the last few days, @.sauce.90 hasn’t been going to work as he came across a fatal accident. Not being able to spot him on the app, fans are curious to know about his health. Some have even declared him dead but @.sauce.90 has recently addressed such claims.

He talked about the accident he came across on August 11th. The famous TikTok user has also posted a picture of a smashed-up car along with the caption, “I’m just happy I’m alive. Someone was watching over me.”

As the news about his car crash became viral, people started to speculate that he is dead. Considering the concerns of his fans, @.sauce.90 again took it to Instagram and confirmed that it was just a rumor.

He wrote, “Ok ya’ll can stop it now. Lmao damn sh*t getting out of hand! I’m alive don’t believe the media! WTF BRO…really”.

Following the news of his accident and the video claiming to capture the mermaids, @.sauce.90 has become immensely popular on the video-sharing app. Thousands of new users have joined his TikTok account to witness some interesting sea creatures and to debunk the hoax about the sea mermaids.

Last Words

This was all about the weird TikTok account .Sauce.90 that claims to have captured sea mermaids. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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