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Want to know how to be part of Twist Her Mind Challenge on TikTok? Here’s all the detail about the popular challenge you need to know.

The video sharing platform TikTok, sometimes disappoints its users by coming up with literally pointless and bizarre challenges. But still most of the live TikTok users find these challenges funny and entertaining. Twist Her Mind Challenge is just another pointless yet trending challenge of TikTok.

The challenge is about pranking your friends who are just about to achieve a milestone on TikTok. If you don’t have any popular friend on TikTok then you might not be able to be part of this challenge. The challenge has got its name from the sound track that is used for this challenge. The audio track says, “So I wanted to see her anger level. I wanted to see if I was powerful enough to twist her mind.”

What Is Twist Her Mind Challenge

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“Twist Her Mind Challenge” as the name indicates, is a prank which asks the users to mess up with the brain of your celebrity friends. To complete the challenge you have to select the victim wisely. Look for the friends who are about to reach a milestone in terms of Fan following. If any of your friend is going to reach a fan following limit, say 1000, 10000, 100000 then they are accurate victim for the challenge.

You have to follow them and then unfollow right away after they realize they have reached the milestone. This will play with their mind only if the status of followers affect them. If they don’t really count their followers on daily basis then the challenge will lose its charm. Hence, it is important to choose the victim wisely so that you can enjoy the challenge to its fullest.

Twist Her Mind Challenge TikTok

Twist Her Mind Challenge is taken so far by the TikTok users. Most of the TikTokers haven’t find it much funny but if done correctly the prank can be so hilarious. It can roast your star friends by playing with their minds.

The follower milestones is the most important part for the TikTok stars. The bigger follower milestone is going to be, the more curious TikTokers will be. Another important point about the challenge is that, you can be part of this challenge only if you have large amount of leisure time. Because you have to keep an eye on the follower count of your victim.

How To Do Twist Her Mind Challenge On TikTok

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To all the readers who are wondering to know how the challenge can be done, here is the detail.

After choosing your victim (e.g. who is going to hit 10k), tap the follow button to make him/her realize they have finally reached the 10k limit and again tap the unfollow button to make them feel if it was just a dream.

Remember that, the challenge will not be funny if you don’t give attention to the sound track allocated for this challenge specifically. If you don’t have idea from where to get this background sound then here is the solution,

Go to your TikTok account initially and click on the discover button. Then, type “twist her mind” in the search bar. Now click on any of the video having the hashtag #twisthermind. Once you get it, add the sound track to your favorites and just get started.

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Concluding Remarks

The challenges that don’t create any harm are always welcome on social media. Whether they are funny or not that just doesn’t matter. Twist Her Mind Challenge is being followed by so many TikTok users currently. Using this guide you can cope up with this popular trend and can easily be part of it.

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