Wacky Mirror Filter On Instagram — Here’s How To Get It

If you are a meme lover we would suggest you to try the Wacky Mirror Filter once. The Wacky Mirror Filter is currently available on Instagram. This funny filter will spread laughter among your Insta fam. If you are unable to find this filter on Instagram then we have got you covered. Keep scrolling so that you will get to know more about this hilarious filter.

Instagram is now home to thousands of filters and effects as the AR filter creators have authority to create and publish filters on this social networking app. You can find multiple filters to fit with your every occasion. They are also an amazing way to enhance and retain your followers count. The filters further add attractiveness to your news feed making you stand out from the crowd.

Wacky mirror filter is created by a talented and creative AR filter developer. Let’s get into details to learn more about this trendy funny filter.

What Is Wacky Mirror Filter On Instagram

Wacky Mirror Filter on Instagram is an augmented reality filter created by a user @galangsw. Once applied, the filter will warp your faces giving you a super hilarious look. Users are experimenting the filter on their pets as well. This gives the pets such a funny look that you won’t stop making snaps.

Though the filter works well with almost everything but for best results we would urge you to apply it on your face. It gives your face a wobbly look and that’s pretty awesome. You can get the filter by following the creator profile. Along with the Wacky Mirror Filter, you will get access to all other filters created by this AR filter expert.

How To Get Wacky Mirror Filter On Instagram

Image Of Wacky Mirror Filter On Instagram

To access this filter on Instagram you have to follow the below instructions,

Firstly, open your Instagram application and head towards the search bar. Now type @galangsw in the search bar and hit enter. Follow the first account that pops up at the top. You will get an account with user name Galang Satria Wibawa. He has more than 2k followers on Instagram.

Once you get the filter, tap on the follow button. After following the creator’s profile you will be able to access all other filters created by Galang. On the creator’s profile look for the tab with a smiley face, now tap on it and look for the filter required. You will get the filter right at the top. When you get the filter, tap on the “Try It” option and experience the filter right away. You can also save the effect to your effects gallery by tapping on the downward arrow. This will help you to access the filter instantly.

How To Get Wacky Mirror Filter On TikTok

Image Of How To Get Wacky Mirror Filter On TikTok

Besides Instagram, the Wacky Mirror Filter is also available on TikTok. Here is how to get this filter on TikTok,

Open your updated TikTok account and then head towards the filters gallery. Now, look for a filter with a shaky animation as icon. You can identify the filter by looking at the blue and purple colored App icon. Once identified, you can apply the filter on your face to create a funny video.

Another way to access the filter is to search for the filter by tapping filter’s name in the discover tab. You can also get the filter from any of the video that used this filter before.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the funny Wacky Filter from Instagram. Hope you have got enough details about this trending filter. You can follow us to know more about all the trending filters and effects from the famous social media apps.

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