We Have Covid SHHH — Viral Reddit Message Explored

The viral Reddit post has sparked rage among the users after a Reddit user revealed the story behind the text ‘We have Covid Shhh’. The Reddit user tristydotj has shared a picture of a woman writing a message saying ‘We Have Covid SHHH’ on her phone. Here is the whole story behind this viral Reddit post.

With Covid cases soaring across the world and new variants joining the race it is no surprise that people are getting more conscious than before.

Just recently, a Reddit post has caught the attention of users that features a woman writing a bizarre message. The woman was tested positive with Covid and was still traveling in a plane.

This viral Reddit post has sparked rage among the users. The post has traveled to twitter as well and people are giving strong reactions. Here is more about the story.

What Is ‘We Have Covid SHHH’ Text?

Image Of What Is ‘We Have Covid SHHH’ Text

Users on Reddit and Twitter are giving strong reactions to a post shared by Reddit user tristydotj. Tristydotj shared a picture of a woman who was sitting next to him on the plane. He captioned the post, “caught this woman sitting in front of me on a plane sending some very alarming texts.”

In the viral picture, the woman can be seen typing a message on her phone that read, “We have COVID…Shhh. That’s why we are coming home a day early. On the plane.”

Tristydotj shared another picture following the first that, further explained the scenario. The second message read, “When we got to the hockey game last night you either had to have proof of a vaccine or a negative test. We had neither so that guy let me sneak in sharing nana’s but he made dad go next — and get a test. They tested him twice and… positive.”

Following the Reddit posts, users were quick to express their rage. Here are some of the notable reactions made by Reddit and Twitter users.

One user wrote, people wonder why cases are rising, (eyes roll emoji)”.

Another wrote, “We have Covid … shhh” which is beyond creepy.

That lady really said “we have Covid…shhh”  so just imagine the number of ppl going out sick & know it”, wrote another Twitter user.

While sharing the image of a woman writing the message another Twitter user wrote, “We have covid shhh.” EXCUSE ME???”

Story Behind ‘We Have Covid SHHH’ Text Explored

Image Of Story Behind ‘We Have Covid SHHH’ Text Explored

Besides the Government and health organizations have made the precautionary guidelines clear, people are moving around even after being tested positive for the virus.

As per the guidelines, people who have been tested positive for Covid must isolate for five days. They are also advised to use masks even if they have no symptoms of the virus.

The latest guidelines for Covid prevention are as follows:

“The change is motivated by science demonstrating that the majority of SARS-CoV-2 transmission occurs early in the course of illness, generally in the 1-2 days prior to the onset of symptoms and the 2-3 days after. Therefore, people who test positive should isolate for five days and, if asymptomatic at that time, they may leave isolation if they can continue to mask for five days to minimize the risk of infecting others.”

People on the internet are demanding authorities penalize the woman involved in the incident. They also have expressed their concern for the people she was traveling on the plane with.

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Bottom Line

This was the background story of Reddit text, We Have Covid SHHH, and the notable reactions made by Reddit and Twitter users. Hopefully, you have got all the essential information you needed to know.

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