What Does ‘Blood On The Leaves’ Mean On TikTok

The recent viral trend on TikTok involves a remix of ‘Blood On The Leaves’ but what does it mean? Users are giving mixed opinions about the meaning of ‘Blood On The Leaves. If you are looking for the meaning of this trendy song, you are in the right spot.

The recent video trend has got mixed reactions from TikTok users. The majority of users perceive the song ‘Blood On The Leaves’ as “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant”, hence they are not comfortable creating a dance challenge to it.

While talking about the trend, one user tweeted, “So I was on TikTok last night and these kids made a song and used Nina Simone’s rendition of Strange Fruit “Blood on the Leaves”. That’s a very heavy song using that for an internet trend?? Mmmm nope. Not okay”. While another posted, “That blood on the leaves song/TikTok trend is very weird”.

Meaning Of Blood On The Leaves Song

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The viral “blood on the leaves” song comes from Kanye West’s 2013 single of the name. This significant song is said to be taken from a poem “Bitter Fruit” that is written by Jewish schoolteacher Abel Meeropol.

Furthermore, it was written in response to lynching in US southern states, this is the reason why most of the TikTok users have mixed feelings about this trend.

While talking about how significant this song is, one user, posted, “It’s a new trend on TikTok where they’re sampling the song Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday and that just don’t sit right with my spirit. Then they had the nerve to sample the part where she says “Blood on the leaves” likeeeeeeeee whatttttttt.”

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Blood On The Leaves Song Lyrics

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If you haven’t heard this song before, here are the lyrics:

Strange fruit, hanging, from the poplar trees

I just need to clear my mind now
it’s been racin’ since the summertime
and I’m holdin’ down the summer now
and all I want is what I can’t buy now

‘Cause I ain’t got the money on me right now
and I told you to wait
Yeah I told you to wait
so imma need a little more time now
’cause I ain’t got the money on me right now

And I thought you could wait
yeah, I thought you could wait
these bitches surroundin’ me
all want somethin’ out me
then they talk about me

Would be lost without me
we could’ve been somebody
thought you’d be different about it
now I know you not it (I’m the poplar trees)

So let’s get on with it

We could’ve been somebody
‘stead you had to tell somebody
let’s take it back to the first party
when you tried your first molly

And came out of your body
and came out of your body
running naked down the lobby
and you was screamin’ that you love me

Before the limelight tore ya’
before the limelight stole ya’
remember we were so young
when I would hold you
before the blood on the leaves

I know there ain’t wrong with me
something strange is happening

Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down with my niggas *3
I ride with my niggas, I’ll die for my…

To all my second string bitches, try and get a baby
trying to get a baby, now you talkin’ crazy
I don’t give a damn if you used to talk to jay-z
he ain’t with you, he with beyoncé, you need to stop actin’ lazy

Last Words

This was all about the viral ‘Blood On The Leaves’ song on TikTok and its significance for users. Hopefully, you have got all information you needed to know.

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