How To Use The Human Bubble Filter — Explained

The human bubble filter is another fun-filled filter from the video-sharing app TikTok but how to use it? Here’s all you need to know about this viral filter.

TikTok comes up with a variety of fun-filled filters to help the users spend their time well. The best part about this platform is, users, get to lay their hands over new filters with every passing day. So far, TikTok has rolled hundreds of unique filters and effects that make the platform’s content engaging and entertaining.

If you are a content creator, then you must try out all these amazing filters to increase your follower’s count and to reach the foryou page with every single video. Currently, a filter that has taken over the video-sharing platform is “Human Bubble Filter”, if you haven’t tried it yet here is how to use it.

What Is The Human Bubble Filter?

Image Of What Is Human Bubble Filter

The Human Bubble Filter is a new filter that claims to help you read the thoughts of a person standing next to you. It has even made it possible for you to read the thoughts crossing your pet’s head. Well, this is something that we haven’t heard before but does it really let you know what other people are thinking about? I don’t think so!

As stated earlier, the Human Bubble Filter is just an entertaining filter that has no other motive except entertainment. So, whenever you apply the filter on the person standing next to you, it will just come up with random ideas instead of what actually the person is thinking.

So, if you think of reading your pet’s thoughts then you are making a mistake. The thoughts you will get to know will be some random ideas installed on the effect. However, the filter overall is quite fun to use.

As you apply the filter, you will get to see a bubble containing a dialogue as we normally witness in comics. But whatever text comes up in the bubble with be based on speculations as our phones do not have the ability to read our thoughts yet. It is just a package to have some fun and spread laughter.

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How To Use Human Bubble Filter

Image Of How To Use The Human Bubble Filter

Accessing the filter on TikTok is quite simple. Like every other filter from TikTok, you can find it in the “trending section” or by simply searching it in the discovery tab. If you are still unable to find it, here is how to get the Human Bubble Filter on TikTok.

  • Initially, launch your updated TikTok account and head towards the effects gallery.
  • In the effects gallery where you see trending, swipe across the bars until you reach the “Animal” category.
  • This filter is the first option for me but it can vary for you.
  • As you get the filter you can write whatever you want in the bubble and then just point the camera to that person or pet you want to try this filter on.
  • So, this way you can project your thoughts on anyone for fun purposes.
  • If you are unable to get the filter following above steps, open the discovery tab.
  • In the discovery tab type “Human Bubble Filter” and hit enter.
  • As you get the filter, tap on it and have fun.
  • Once you are done recording the video, add a background track and roll the video to your friends and family.

Bottom Line

This was all about the viral Human Bubble Filter and its usage. Hopefully, the article has provided all information you needed to know.

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