What Is The Meaning Of ABG On TikTok – Explained

The latest acronym to flaunt on the discover page of TikTok is ABG and users are looking to know what is the meaning of this trendy short form. If you are among the TikTok users wondering to know the meaning of ABG on the video-sharing app, we have got you covered. Here is all you need to know about this viral slang.

TikTok is home to thousands of bizarre short forms and slang terms. These slang terms make it quite difficult for users to understand the context of social media content and conversations. Just recently, a short form ‘Y/N’ was making rounds on TikTok that most users perceived to be a person. However, it later turned out to be the short form of ‘Your Name’. Well, that’s quite weird how social media users make simple things sound complex.

The only benefit of using these slang terms is you can keep your conversations private even in public. And yes, Generation Z finds it cool too. Nonetheless, there are more disadvantages of using these slang terms than advantages. But still, using slang terms and acronyms is a popular trend and who doesn’t want to be part of bandwagons?

The latest trending acronym on TikTok is ‘ABG’ and here we have explained what the meaning of this slang term is. Keep reading!

ABG TikTok Meaning Explained

Image Of ABG TikTok Meaning Explained

If you are a non-Asian-American girl you may not be familiar with the meaning of ABG. However, Asian-American girls often get to hear this term. This trending TikTok phrase means Asian Baby Girl or Asian baby Gangsters (ABG).

This term is referred to describe special traits of Asian-American girls. The term has gone viral after TikTok’s girl army started sharing makeover videos to fit in the ABG persona.

As per the makeup videos that ABG girls have rolled, false lashes, winged eyeliner, dyed hair, tight bodycon dresses, and tattoos are what describes an Asian-American girl.

The ABG girls are also said to be party animals and fans of bubble tea. As per TikTok’s philosophy, these girls will be up for a rave and nicotine any time of the day.

Well, the term has raised several controversies on the video-sharing app and some users are totally against the perception that this term explains.

ABG Meaning TikTok

Image Of ABG Meaning TikTok

According to the available information, this term is said to be evolved in the 90s. However, it has recently got traction on Facebook and Instagram.

It all started with a Facebook group titled ‘Subtle Asian Traits’ which was created by a group of Asian-Australian friends. In the group, the girls often used to share their experiences being an immigrant in a western country.

The group became quite popular for its jokes and spot-on content and several other girls decided to be part of it. When the group gained a little more traction, the participants started to discuss their heritage and culture as well.

However, the term has got mixed reactions from internet users. Some are happy about the traits that are being associated with ABGs while others are not happy with this self-imposed stereotype.

This term is now becoming more stereotypical and several Asian-American girls have started talking about it. They have an opinion that, if someone is dying their hair or getting a tattoo, it has more to do with their being a teenager, rather than expressing their cultural identity.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the meaning of ABG on TikTok is and why is it trending on the social media. Hopefully, you have got all the information about this viral phrase.

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