What Is The Meaning Of Purple Heart Emoji On TikTok? Explained

If you are an avid user of TikTok you must have come across a Purple Heart emoji on the app, do you know what the meaning of this emoji is? If you don’t know the meaning of the Purple Heart emoji, you may be taking someone’s sign wrong. So, let us introduce you to the meaning of colored emojis on TikTok stay tuned.

Emojis have special importance on all social media apps. Where words fail, emojis help you express your emotions. From emojis showing different expressions to colored hearts that help you show different forms of love, social media users have access to hundreds of emojis.

However, very few users are aware of their actual meaning. Below we have explained some often-used emojis and their meaning in the video-sharing app. Keep reading to understand the emotions of people around you.

Purple And White Heart Emoji Meaning On TikTok

Image Of Purple And White Heart Emoji Meaning On TikTok

When emojis were first introduced to social media platforms, we used any of the emojis anywhere without thinking about their meaning. However, the scenario is pretty different now. Several influencers on TikTok have talked about being careful when picking heart emojis, especially the white and purple heart emojis.

Different colored hearts have different meanings on the video-sharing app. So, you have to be careful while picking up one.

Here we have listed some commonly used colored heart emojis and their meaning:

  • The sky blue heart emoji means Trust, Harmony, Peace, and Loyalty.
  • The red heart emoji is used to express feelings of unconditional love.
  • Yellow-colored heart emojis signify happiness and friendship.
  • The orange emoji is used to express your feelings of great care, comfort, and serenity.
  • Green emoji depicts possessive love or jealousy.
  • Now comes the purple emoji, well this purple-colored heart emoji can be used to express understanding and compassionate love.
  • Black emojis can be used to depict a dark sense of humor or sadness.

So, now that you can get the meaning of different colored heart emojis, pick them wisely on social media else the recipient may perceive them differently.

Though the above is the commonly perceived meaning of the colored emojis, TikTok girls and boys have different meanings for them.

Colored Heart Emojis On TikTok And Their Meanings

Image Of Colored Heart Emojis On TikTok And Their Meanings

Below we have enlisted the meanings of different color emojis that girls on TikTok perceive:

  • The red simple heart emoji signifies sympathy for TikTok’s girl army.
  • If you send them a yellow heart emoji, they are going to consider it ‘You’re cute”.
  • Green heart emoji means ‘Homie’.
  • If they send you a blue heart, it means you are being friend-zoned.
  • White heart emoji means you are special.
  • The black heart emoji is used for family.
  • Girls send you pink vibrating heart emoji if you are the only one that they talk to.
  • The bleeding red heart emoji means ‘I love you’.

Here is what the colored emojis mean for boys:

  • Red heart emoji means, we love you.
  • Blue heart emoji says, Lowkey feeling you.
  • Green heart emoji depicts you are being friendzoned
  • Black heart emoji has the same meaning for both girls and boys. It means family.
  • If boys are sending you a white heart on TikTok, it means they have a crush on you.
  • Yellow heart means you are just friends
  • Brown heart asks you to stop trying.

So, there are different meanings of colored heart emojis for different users. Though people perceive colored heart emojis differently, users on TikTok are currently arguing about the meaning of the purple emoji. Some have the opinion that it means compassion, while others think it says ‘You are being friend zoned”.

Here what the meaning of the Purple Heart emoji on TikTok according to TikTok users:

One person wrote, “Purple Heart means BTS ARMY”.

Another revealed, “purple means army”

A third user said, ““I only use for bts soo”.

So, different users perceive heart emojis differently on TikTok.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the meanings of different colored heart emojis on the video-sharing app. What’s your perception of the Purple Heart emoji? Let us know in the comment box below.

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