What Killed Barney The Dinosaur TikTok Trend – Explained

The latest TikTok trend to take over the videos-sharing app is the ‘Killed Barney The Dinosaur Trend’. Barney kept trending on the video-sharing app for several reasons throughout this year but now children’s beloved icon is going viral on the platform for all bad reasons.

After Peacock’s exposé documentary ‘I Love You, You Hate Me’ was rolled out earlier this month, Barney the Dinosaur has garnered special attention from the users. Currently, this iconic character is surrounded by some speculations as well.

Barney & Friends doesn’t need any introduction as it is among the most popular children’s shows that lasted for two decades. We have got to watch 14 exciting seasons of this show and it has a special place in our hearts.

However, after Peacock’s documentary is being rolled, we got to know some shocking facts about this iconic character.

Following this documentary, a new trend has started swirling across TikTok and it has convinced the users that Barney was murdered. Following this trend, users are looking to know what Killed Barney The Dinosaur and it has become a viral trend on TikTok.

So, what the ‘What Killed Barney The Dinosaur’ trend on TikTok is all about? Here we have gathered all the details for you. Keep reading!

What Is The ‘What Killed Barney The Dinosaur Trend’ On TikTok?

Image Of What Is The ‘What Killed Barney The Dinosaur Trend’ On TikTok

The trend ‘Killed Barney The Dinosaur’ has a link to the past of Barney the Dinosaur. As the show was aired, several people who hated the show united to be part of a campaign that they called “Barney Bashing”.

Talking about the tough times when they even received death threats, Bob West, the original voice of Barney said “I started getting emails. Some of them were absolutely hateful. They were very explicit and very violent.”

He further added, “Then they went on to say they were going to come and find me and they were going to kill me”.

After Peacock’s documentary, users have once again turned to this issue and they are curious to know what actually happened.

In the quest to learn what really happened, several users have tried looking up on Google and they have ended up on an article shared by ‘The Independent. The article reveals that Barney was brutally murdered and TikTok users are now agreeing with this opinion.

Thus, the content creators are rolling out more videos sharing their partial information and opinion about how Barney was killed. This has given rise to the ‘What Killed Barney The Dinosaur Trend’ on TikTok leaving several users wandering about its meaning.

TikTok Users Think Barney Was Brutally Murdered

Image Of TikTok Users Think Barney Was Brutally Murdered

The article shared by The Independent has made TikTok users believe that Barney was murdered. Right at the start of the article, the author has written, “In November 1997, Barney the Dinosaur was stabbed to death by the New York City Police Department.”

Later, the article goes on to explain that an air balloon of Barney the Dinosaur deflated in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade of 1997 so, by saying stabbing they referred to the Balloon.

Several users who have taken part in this viral trend have shown the text written at the start of this article shared by The Independent. This has fooled many users and they have come to believe that Barney Was Brutally Murdered.

As per the available information, The Barney Dinosaur Balloon was cut down by the New York Police Department after a gust of wind ripped it off.

However, TikTok users have presented the entire situation differently. They have just read the start of the article shared by The Independent and they fooled the users just to earn a few likes and views.

The fact is, Barney the Dinosaur did not die, it was just a balloon that was ripped apart by the New York Police in the year 1997.

If you are coming across any of the videos sharing this baseless information, we would request you report those videos for spreading false information.

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The Last Words

This was all about the viral ‘What Killed Barney The Dinosaur Trend’ on TikTok and how the trend is sharing false information. We would request you not believe the information shared by Barney following this TikTok trend.

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