Miley Cyrus Song ‘When I Look at You’ is Viral Again on TikTok

Nowadays social media platforms are overwhelmed with so many entertainment, dancing, lip sing, creativity, and motivational videos. Especially the generation Z’ on TikTok makes anything viral they want. This time it is Miley Cyrus’s old song from 2010. The song ‘When I look at you’ TikTok is making it viral after ten years of its release.

There is no doubt that anything can become viral. And anyone can become famous overnight with the help of social media platforms. Whether it is song lyric, dance step, slang, mimicry, or a special message.

What you need is just to do something unique to become viral. People love to watch and share unique things on social media platforms.

Old Song ‘When I Look at You’ TikTok is Reviving

These days, the young generation is in love with Miley Cyrus`s song. The song is from her first single album ‘The Time of Our Lives’. Why it is that the young generation is in affection with this song?

It is a loving and emotional song that touches everyone’s heart who listens. People show their affection for this song in different ways. Have a look at the TikTok what is going regarding this song.

You will see on TikTok youngers lying on a hardwood floor, glaring at their ceiling and hymning this song’s lyrics as loud as they can. In another video, there are fake raindrops to fuel peak drama, but the booming vocals to match Miley’s intensity from ten years back. In another video, a young girl is staring at a picture of her lover, and the song ‘When I Look at You’ is running in the background.


Nowhere near perfect but I rlly didn’t expect to cry🥺 #whenilookatyou #fyp #singing

♬ original sound – ANDI

This track also appeared on a romantic drama ‘The Last Song’ back in 2010. Which shows this is an open declaration of adoration for a partner. The lyrics touch the soul when she sings, “when my world is falling apart when there is no light to break up the dark/That’s when I look at you. This is the reason the song is again hitting the hearts of many around the world.

Miley Cyrus’s Response to Fans

Image of When I Look at You

Miley Cyrus is an American origin pop singer, songwriter, and actress born on November 23’ 1992 in Franklin, Tennessee. She is the daughter of the 1990s famous star Billy Ray Cyrus. 

Her first album was released on July 22’ 2008. She is always in the spotlights of media due to various controversies in her music career and personal life. This time surely, it is for a positive reason.

Ever since the song ‘When I Look at You’ has become a favorite of many people again, it has lifted the charts at Spotify and Apple Music. Even it has become one of Cyrus`s top 10 most famous songs on Spotify. Maybe it is worthy for Miley Cyrus to see her old song reviving, but she has a message on her Twitter account.

According to her, she is confused about her new song ‘Midnight Sky’ that it should also be in focus, “Streaming the wrong song’’ she said. This new song is her first single of 2020, which is seemingly based on her personal life experience. Like ‘When I Look at You’ this song could too be sung from a horizontal stance over a wooden floor.

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 The old song ‘When I Look at You’ by Miley Cyrus is again the favorite of many especially young generations. This is not a new thing, social media made everything viral within a short time whether it is old or new. These days TikTok has the main role in making things viral, that once anything starts by someone many of the other users copy him immediately.

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