Who Is Jacqueline Guzman? Actress Is In Hot waters

Following an insensitive video, the Cuban-American actress Jacqueline Guzman’s account is being taken down from TikTok. But who is Jacqueline Guzman and why is she being discussed a lot on social media? We have gathered all the details here in this post.

Social media platforms are updating their terms and conditions most rapidly to provide a better user experience. They are trying their best to protect their users from sensitive content. Following this tradition, TikTok has recently taken down Jacqueline Guzman’s handle from the platform. Not only TikTok, Jacqueline is currently nowhere to be spotted, Seems like her other social media handles are also being removed.

Reports have also revealed that Jacqueline Guzman is also being fired from her company for sharing an insensitive video that featured the funeral of police officer Jason Rivera.

Who is Jacqueline Guzman and what video did she post on TikTok? Here is everything you need to know.

Why is Jacqueline Guzman Fired?

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Jacqueline Guzman is a New York-based actress who has landed in hot waters for sharing an insensitive video on the ByteDance owned app TikTok.

The video she posted on the platform saw her cursing a police officer who was shot dead while he was responding to a domestic call in Harlem. She was angry over the closure of streets during the funeral of the 22-year-old dead police officer.

In the video, she can be heard saying: “We do not need to shut down most of Lower Manhattan because one cop died for probably doing his job incorrectly. They kill people who are under 22 every single day for no good reason and we don’t shut down the city for them.”

She added: ‘Like this is f*****g ridiculous. This is f*****g ridiculous. What if somebody is having a heart attack in this area. Nobody can get to them because it’s all blocked off for one f*****g cop.”

The TikTok video was later deleted but it had already concerned several people on the internet.

Jacqueline Guzman TikTok Video

Image Of Jacqueline Guzman TikTok Video

The actress is also being fired by her company following the viral video. Face To Face Films, the company Jacqueline Guzman worked with, revealed that she is no longer part of their company.

On a Facebook page, the company talked about the insensitive video shared by their former employee and revealed that they have taken action against it.

In the statement rolled on Facebook, the drama company wrote:

“Face to Face Films has just been made aware of an insensitive video involving one of our members, Jacqueline Guzman. Face To Face Films does not support nor can condone these comments made about fallen Officer Rivera. As a result, she is no longer a member of our company.”

As per Jacqueline Guzman’s bio (now deleted) on the website of her company, she is a Cuban-American actress originally hailing from Hialeah, Florida. She is currently residing in New York.

Her bio further revealed that she was not much interested in acting initially, but had developed an interest in the high school after being “pressured by friends to audition for Almost, Maine.”

Jacqueline later attended the American Academy Of Dramatic Arts and launched her own production company after graduation.

Currently, Jacqueline is nowhere to be found as all her social media handles are being taken down. As of now, we are unable to spot any working social media handle of the actress.

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The Last Words

This was all about who Jacqueline Guzman is and why is she being removed from all the social media handles. Hopefully, we have conveyed all the details you were looking for.

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