Mia Khalifa Dead Trending On Twitter: Death Hoax Explained

Fans of the Lebanese-American media personality Mia Khalifa were worried as the Twitter trend saying Mia Khalifa is dead is going viral on the internet. Fans are concerned about Mia as her Facebook profile has turned into a tribute page. Shortly after her profile turned into a tributary page, Mia came forward to debunk the hoax. Here is more about why Mia Khalifa’s Facebook said remembering.

Mia is the most-watched x-rated performer in the world. She rose to fame in the year 2014 and soon after her debut she became a prominent performer of adult films.

Being popular all around the world, Mia has millions of followers on her social media handles. The majority of her fans keep a check on her social media handles most often thus they tumbled across Mia’s Facebook profile that had turned into a tribute page.

As soon as they saw Mia’s Facebook saying ‘remembering’, most of them started pouring their concerns on Twitter. Thus Mia Khalifa Dead became a viral trend until Mia addressed the tweets revealing the Facebook page hoax.

Why Is Mia Khalifa’s Facebook Says Remembering?

Image Of Why Is Mia Khalifa’s Facebook Says Remembering

On Saturday 29th January, fans found that something weird has happened to Mia’s Facebook page. Upon visiting her profile, fans found that Mia’s profile was no longer there and above her name was written remembering. No, it wasn’t a fan page that tried to trick the users, it was Mia’s official Facebook page with over 4.2 million followers.

The profile also had a message written on it saying, “Remembering Mia Khalifa. We hope people who love Mia Khalifa will find comfort in visiting their profile to remember and celebrate their life.”

Well, this wasn’t the only thing that made Mia’s fans concerned; all of Mia’s posts were also being removed from the profile.

All Mia’s posts were removed with a section that asked users to post “tributes” and “remember and honor” her.

For people who do not know how this can happen on Facebook, it’s a Facebook feature that can be applied by friends and family of someone who has passed. Normally, the feature signifies that the user is no longer alive and the profile is managed by someone to whom the late person has transferred the right while he/she was alive.

Is Mia Khalifa Alive?

Image Of Is Mia Khalifa Alive

Following Mia’s bizarre Facebook profile fans started inquiring saying if she is fine. Below is how some of her fans expressed their concerns.

One person wrote, “Does anyone know what is happening with Mía Khalifa?”

Another said, “@MiaKhalifa are you ok?

“Ummm she got hacked right?” asked another user.

Well, soon after the news of Mia’s possible passing went viral on social media, Mia came forward to reveal the truth.

Sharing a popular 1975 movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail meme, Mia took to Twitter. The meme posted on her Twitter read “I’m not dead yet! I feel fine”.

Considering the latest meme shared by Mia on her Twitter, it seems like she is aware of the rumors.

However, it is not confirmed whether Mia’s profile was hacked or it was a prank. But for now, it is safe to say that Mia is safe and alive.

Fans now are waiting to know what sort of prank it was but Mia has not addressed the rumors yet. Also, it is quite normal for her to hear such rumors as this is not the first time social media users have declared her dead.

Well, for now, the good news is Mia is doing perfectly fine and it was just a hoax that took over the internet.

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Last Words

This was the back story of the trending Twitter hashtag Mia Khalifa Dead. Hopefully, you are happy to know that Mia is alive!

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