Who Is Larianna Jackson On TikTok? — Answered

TikTok users are wondering to know who Larianna Jackson is after this schoolgirl is charged for slapping her teacher following a bizarre TikTok challenge. If you are among these users looking for the details, here is all about Larianna Jackson and the odd TikTok ‘Slap a teacher’ challenge.

Young TikTok users are getting out of our hands as they have started following bizarre challenges on TikTok. Earlier this month, young TikTok users were spilling beans on the doorsteps of people and they were also spotted stealing things from school to be part of the ‘devious lick’ trend.

Following the ‘devious lick’ trend school kids had stolen soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, tiles, signboards, and even sinks from their school. And now, they are on an even worse mission!

Yes, they are on a mission to slap their teachers and school authorities are trying their best to control such offenses. But, in an unfortunate event Larianna Jackson, who is a schoolgirl has attacked her disabled teacher following the bizarre TikTok trend.

What Did Larianna Jackson Do?

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Larianna Jackson is charged for slapping her disabled teacher just to complete a weird TikTok video. She is an 18-year-old student based in Covington, Louisiana. The young girl has made headlines on several social media platforms for assaulting her teacher.

Larianna was arrested on the 6th of October for attacking her physically disabled teacher in school. She also has filmed the incident on her phone, which was later obtained by the Covington Police.

Police took action after they received the report of the incident, that she has attacked the 64-year-old teacher who was rushed to the hospital to be treated.

 The incident was filmed by another student as well, and it has become popular on social media.

TikTok Slap A Teacher Challenge

TikTok slap a teacher challenge became popular among the school kids earlier this month. This challenge was part of a set of bizarre challenges that TikTok users have designed to be completed each month.

The first challenge that led the list of these wicked challenges was Devious Lick which involved stealing everything they come across in a school washroom. The students even picked things like sinks, taps, tissues, handwashes from the schools.

Following this, Slap a teacher was due in the month of October. In the next month, young boys are required to kiss their Girlfriends at school. And next to it is an explicit challenge that requires showing off their boobs in the school hall.

In the first month of 2022, insane TikTok users are eying on to jab a girl. And in February they have to mess up the school signs. Following this, in March they have to make a mess in the courtyard or cafeteria.

Although the whole set of challenges are being slammed by Netizens, young users are still taking part in these trends.

What’s The Name Of The Girl Who Slapped Her Teacher Following The TikTok Challenge?

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Larianna Jackson, who is a young TikTok user, has now been charged with second-degree battery and cruelty to the infirmed, St. Tammany Parish District Attorney Warren Montgomery confirmed.

As revealed by WDSU, she is expected to face 10 years imprisonment. Further, her arraignment is due to take place on December 8th at 9 AM at the 22nd Judicial District Court.

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Last Words

TikTok challenges are getting worse with each passing day. It is essential for all parents to keep an eye on their children and their online activities; else they may fall in trouble. Stay safe you all!

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