Who Is Silk Castellas Cartwright On TikTok? Explored

A young Australian TikTok user Silk Castellas Cartwright is flaunting across the foryou page of TikTok and users are desperate to know who exactly she is. This TikTok star has amassed popularity for her TikTok handle that shows her pottery skills. Here is more about this popular TikTok celebrity.

TikTok has now become the go-to platform if you want to witness some amazing content. Being home to millions of users from all around the world, TikTok has become an incredible platform to witness unique content. You can also discover new people if you are tired of old talent.

Just recently a new TikTok user has amassed popularity on the ByteDance-owned platform for her pottery skills. Here we have discovered all details about who is the TikTok pottery girl “Silk Castellas-Cartwright”, on the video-sharing app.

Who Is Silk Castellas Cartwright?

Image Of Who Is Silk Castellas Cartwright

Silk Castellas Cartwright who is also known on TikTok as ‘TikTok’s Pottery Girl” has gone viral on TikTok for her undeniable clay skills. Currently, Silk Castellas Cartwright is just 21-year-old and is based in Australia.

The young TikTok creator has turned to pottery following the Covid-19 restrictions. While talking to “Femail”, Silk Castellas Cartwright revealed that she learned pottery after joining a pottery class in the year 2020. She decided to learn pottery following the lockdown boredom.

She further revealed that for 2020 she planned on traveling and exploring places but she couldn’t. Because of the Corona restriction. Thus, to use her time productively, she started playing with pottery.

Just in a year, the Pottery girl has learned to design incredible pottery and she has turned out to be a TikTok celebrity.

While talking to “The Outlet”, the Pottery Girl said:

“I make pieces that are modern and fun, and that can be used functionally. But also as a piece of art on their own”.

In another interview, Silk revealed that she wanted to travel after completing her Arts Degree but couldn’t pursue it and ended up as ‘the pottery girl.

“I planned to travel for the year after finishing my Arts degree, but found myself with a lot of spare time in and out of lockdowns,” Silk revealed.

As soon as Silk joined the Pottery classes, she turned to TikTok and started creating videos. Silk wanted to create some fun videos but her undeniable pottery skills made her go viral on the app.

After amassing popularity, Silk has now started selling her creations over her website ‘By Silk’. While talking about her pottery skills, Silk revealed that she takes inspiration from modern art and sculptures. This is the secret of her unique pottery designs.

Pottery Girl TikTok

Image Of Pottery Girl TikTok

Even though Silk has not posted many videos on the video-sharing app, she has amassed over 500000 followers so far. In the majority of her videos, she can be seen sitting next to her pottery wheel, creating eclectic ceramic pieces. All of her videos have amassed millions of views but her most-watched video has earned around 20 million views.

In her most-viewed video, she can be seen creating a new piece while playing the Doja Cat’s Get Into It’, in the background.

Millions of people have poured praises on her videos, some of her followers are praising her skills while others are simply in love with her looks.

Here are some of the responses dropped by her followers in her comment box.

One user wrote, “All of a sudden I love pottery”.

Another said, “Why is pottery so attractive”.

“What did you make, I wasn’t watching”, wrote another.

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Last Words

This was all about the famous pottery girl and her journey on the video-sharing app. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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