Why Are People Writing Brownie Recipe In Comments On TikTok?

We are seeing some weird comments on TikTok lately, some people are writing the brownie recipe in the comments section and here we have provided why the TikTok users are doing so. Stay tuned!

Posting memes in the comment section of videos has remained an old tradition on TikTok, so seeing the brownie recipe in the comments section is not a surprise. Just recently, TikTok users also encountered comments like ‘Remove Miners’ that we have covered earlier.

Alongside meme comments, TikTok users are also good at pouring spam comments in the comment section. Several times users have got their accounts removed from the video-sharing app for posting spam comments on all the videos.

This time for some reason, TikTok users are writing brownie recipe in the comment section of TikTok videos. Despite what the video is all about and what content the video features, users are copying and pasting the whole brownie recipe. Seeing this weird comment trend, users are wondering to know its meaning.

To help you understand why are people writing brownie recipe in comments on TikTok, we have rounded up all the information here in this article. Have a look!

Why Are People Writing Brownie Recipe On TikTok

Image Of TikTok Brownie Recipe Meaning

If you are a regular scroller of TikTok, you must have encountered several comments that contain brownie recipes. People have also posted their queries regarding this trend on several other social media platforms.

The Brownie recipe comment starts with, “here’s the recipe for brownies” followed by a full brownie recipe. Here is what actually TikTok’s brownie recipe is:

  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/3cup cocoa powder
  • 2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2cup flour

Well, as far as the meaning of the TikTok brownie recipe is concerned, there is no particular meaning. The comments seem to be pretty random.

TikTok users are writing the brownie recipe in the comment section for no reason. It has just become a bandwagon and users are hopping into it without knowing its meaning.

Seeing these comments appear on all TikTok videos, several users seem annoyed. But the bandwagon doesn’t seem to end.

What Is The TikTok Brownie Recipe Meme?

Image Of What Is The TikTok Brownie Recipe Meme

Some users have taken it to Twitter to express their annoyance at this weird trend. Here is what the frustrated TikTok users have to say about the TikTok brownie meme recipe.

One person wrote, “If I see one more ‘anyway here’s the recipe for brownies’ comment on TikTok I’m gonna lose my s–t,” 

Another user declared the trend as a lazy form of humor that needs to be done anyway.

“Whatever TikTok brownie recipe joke bs is going on it needs to stop. It most stale boring-ass humor I have ever seen. God even the sparkle emoji around the text was better than this bullshit’, said another user on Twitter.

Considering how easy it is to be part of this meme trend, users are randomly hopping into it. Some users are participating in this trend just for the sake of annoying their friends. However, the content creators whose videos are being spammed with such comments are not really happy.

It is also quite difficult for the content creators to remove these comments as they are plenty in number. So, the only solution to get rid of this meme trend is to WAIT! Because such meme trends do not last long on the video-sharing app. These will soon die at their own like several similar TikTok meme trends.

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The Last Words

This was all about why are TikTok users writing the brownie recipe in the comments on TikTok. Hopefully, you have all the information you were looking for.

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