Best Indie Games At Gamescom – Top 5 Games Revealed

If you are wondering to know what the best Indie games at this year’s Gamescom would be, you have reached the right spot. Here we have listed the outright favorites of most gamers. Keep reading to know all about the Best Indie Games At Gamescom.

For the players who don’t have an idea about what Gamescom is, it is a consumer-focused gaming event that is held every year in Germany. People from every corner of the world come together to be part of Gamescom. During the event, several gaming announcements are made and you also get to check out some games. Further, it is a massive get-together for the gaming community.

The place where this event takes place is a massive place with multiple floors. The floors comprise AAA-focused areas, indie areas, and a whole business section which is allocated for seeing booths from specific countries.

As there are multiple games in a single place, it is quite difficult for the players to decide on any few games. Thus, below we have provided the best Indie games you can count on at Gamescom.

What Are The Best Indie Games At Gamescom

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Here is the list of top five Indie games you must have your hands on at Gamescom:

1. The Filthy Animals Heist Simulator

Well, The Filthy Animals Heist Simulator is the first game that we would suggest you lay your hands on. Though it can be played single-player it shines if you have your friends to play along.

During the game, you will become mutated animals who actually are criminals and are controlled by a human names Tony.

Tony is responsible to assign you several heists and you have to use your abilities to get through them. You may find the levels a little wacky but there are several other things to do. You have to rob a bank, gather money, knock out the guards and then become a ball that flushes down to respawn. It may sound silly but the game is fun.

2. Desta: The Memories Between

The second game that we would suggest you try is ‘Desta: The Memories Between’ from the developers of Monument Valley and Alba. This game has a lot to do with emotions and communication. You have to play the game as Desta who has just returned home after being away for quite a long. They left their house in a broken way leaving behind several relations.

While growing up, their father taught the youth of the village to use dodgeball for sharing their emotions. So, you have to do the same (use the dodgeball) to communicate and share your feelings.

Gamescom Best Indie Games

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3. Let’s Cook Together 2

The next among the best five Indie games at Gamescom is Let’s Cook Together 2. The game requires two of four players. You have to cook food quickly. It also requires a lot of communication as the kitchens are divided. Also, you have to share ingredients with your friends and have to come up with some good recipes, and that too real quick.

4. The Dorfromantik

This is a puzzle game where you have to create a world of your own. At every level, the players are given tiles that can be placed on a grid. Some of the tiles come with quests. If you figure out these quests, you will be given more tiles to complete your world.

5. Blueberry

Finally comes Blueberry which is another game driven by emotions and a story. During the game, you have to go through a woman’s mind and you also have to understand her life. You have to be a good parent to your daughter Blueberry.

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The Bottom Line

These were the top games you must count on during Gamescom. What’s your opinion about our top picks? Let us know in the comment box below.

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