How To Complete Super Witch Challenge In Clash Royale? Explained

The Clash Royale fans are super excited as they have got to play the new challenge “Super Witch Challenge”, but how to complete it? We have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about the Super Witch Challenge and how to complete it in Clash Royale.

Released on 2nd March 2016, Clash Royale is among the most famous online battle games now. Developed and published by Supercell, this online video game has a huge follower base. The game developers also keep rolling new challenges to make sure that the players stay glued to their screens.

The recent challenge to be rolled by Clash Royale is Super Witch Challenge which is said to be a tricky challenge. Not everyone will be able to complete it immediately. However, the good news is, that fans have shared plenty of guides already that will make the challenge easier for those who have not attempted it yet.

Fans have also shared the best decks in the game, to help their fellow players excel in the game field. Here in this blog, we have gathered the best decks available to view for the Super Witch Challenge provided by online gaming blogs and players. Stay tuned!

Super Witch Challenge Clash Royale

Image Of Super Witch Challenge Clash Royale

If you are an amid Clash Royale player, you must have the idea that Super Witch Challenge is split into four parts. Each of these four parts requires the players to complete wins before hopping into the next section. Also, by completing each of these four parts, you will be able to garner special rewards, thus it is worth spending time on it.

Although the Super Witch Challenge is made available for the players, Supercell has not provided any details about what they have shared in the game. In their recent social media post, Supercell wrote: “The 3 Witches have united their powers to summon… the SUPER WITCH! Play with her in the new Super Witch Crown Challenge!

“It’s free entry and crowns = progress. So even if you’re an ebarbs player, you can win all the rewards! You’re welcome.”

Best Decks In The Clash Royale Super Witch Challenge

Image Of Best Decks In The Clash Royale Super Witch Challenge

To help you take on the new Clash Royale Super Witch Challenge, we have broken down some of the latest decks that we got with the courtesy of Fans, DualShockers, and MasterDiddySan.

The Clash Royale Fan Deck is as below:

Baby Dragon (Elixer 4)
Barbarian Barrel (Elixer 2)
Graveyard (Elixer 5)
Ice Wizard (Elixer 3)
Poison (Elixer 4)
Skeleton King (Elixer 4)
Tombstone (Elixer 3)
Tornado (Elixer 3)

Clash Royale MasterDiddySan Deck
Super Witch (Elixir 6)
Tornado (Elixir 3)
Valkyrie (Elixir 4)
Giant Skeleton (Elixir 6)
Lightning (Elixir 6)
Executioner (Elixir 5)
Electro Wizard (Elixir 4)
Electro Spirit (Elixir 1)

Clash Royale Dualshockers Deck:
Super Witch (Elixir 6)
Valkyrie (Elixir 4)
Freeze (Elixir 4)
Magic Archer (Elixir 4)
The Log (Elixir 2)
Skeleton Army (Elixir 3)
Royal Ghost (Elixir 3)
Musketeer (Elixir 4)

Here are some other suggestions from players to complete the this Challenge:

One user wrote: “I recommend rocket instead of lightning. Everyone cycles super witch at the start and you can use rocket to kill it and get some early damage”.

Another wrote: “Best Tips For the Challenge:

1. No Swarms

2. Watch Out For MK

That is all”

“I’m currently using the classic mortar miner deck and it’s working amazingly, even getting a lot of 3 crowns if u want to use it here u go: super witch, skeleton king, miner, bats, poison, snowball, skeletons, mortar”, said another.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about how to complete the Super Witch Challenge in Clash Royale and the best decks also. Hopefully, the article was helpful.

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