How To Get Gucci Town Free Items And Promo Codes In Roblox May 2022

The Gucci Town experience is now available in Roblox May 2022, and there also are several free items and promo codes you get, but how and where to garner these free items and promo codes? We have gathered all the details here in this blog. Stay tuned and get all the details you need to know.

Roblox is a popular online gaming platform that enables users to play a variety of games and that too free of cost. This platform was launched in 2005 and it has been more than a decade since it is entertaining the players. The game’s popularity doesn’t seem to decline anyway.

This free-to-play online game is mostly liked and followed by youngsters. Being an easy to access and free to play game it is quite popular among gamers. You can easily download it on your computer, console, and mobile devices and have unlimited fun.

Alongside the above factors, the reason why game’s popularity is increasing extensively is, it keeps adding new features and challenges to the game. These additions keep the gamers stick to their screens.

Currently, in May 2022, Gucci Town experience is available in Roblox alongside free items and promo codes. This blog aims at providing you with all the details about this new addition, the free items and the promo codes.

Roblox Gucci Town Free Items And Promo Codes May 2022

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Without wasting more of your time, here are is the detail of free items in Roblox Gucci Town and ways you can lay your hands over them.

  • Sunglasses — To get this item you will be required to complete the tutorial
  • Pink Baseball Hat — You can buy it for 1,600 GG
  • GucciLove Parade T-Shirt — You will be required to buy it for 1,500 GG
  • Gucci Hair Piece 1 — You can buy it for 1,500 GG, Gucci Hair Piece 2 — This can be bought for 1,500 GG

For people who are not aware of what GG is, it is the in-game currency of Gucci Gems. You can earn this currency by completing multiple tasks and activities.

As far as the promos codes are concerned, there are no active Roblox Gucci Town promo codes but we think a few will be arriving soon.

According to the game’s website, a unique key will be delivered right after the game receives 10,000 likes. As of now, the game has already received 14,000 likes, and we are expecting to get something really soon.

How Can I Get Roblox Gucci Town Free Items And Promo Codes In May 2022?

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Before the Gucci Town promo codes arrive, you can redeem the below promo codes for May 2022:

    • Spider Cola
    • The Bird Says

It is also worth mentioning here that, Gucci Town experience will last until June 17th, 2022 and is a lot more exciting to come in the upcoming weeks.

Here is what the website says about the Gucci Town: “The first collection of items in the Gucci Shop will be available until June 17, 2022, with a new limited Gucci Blondie bag released each week. Come back regularly to unlock and purchase the bag.”

The website further explains the event as, “Journey through each space to create, connect, and collect, the Gucci way in this ongoing experience.” So, are you ready to conquer this event? Let us know in the comment box provided below.

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The Final Thoughts

This was all about ‘How To Get Gucci Town Free Items And Promo Codes In Roblox May 2022’. Hopefully, you have found all the information. Hit the like button if you found it useful.

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