How To Throw Ammo — Here’s How To Fling Items

Are you new to the most adventurous game PUBG and searching to know How To Throw Ammo at your enemies or towards your teammates? If yes. Then you are reading the most relevant article. This piece of writing will put light on how to throw items and ammos to the rivals and also towards your teammates.

PUBG is an online free to play mobile game that is released for both Android and iOS. This game is followed by millions of people from all around the world. Due to some negative events attached with the players, the game has faced banning and unbanning in various countries. Despite of this, it is still famous among the young players round the globe.

The game allows the players to communicate during the battle field and like every other video game players can get their hands on various accessories available inside the PUBG shop. You can further play the game by teaming up with your friends.

You can add your friends by simply inviting them or by adding their ID number. There are variety of weapons that can be used against the rivals. These weapons include M416, AKM, Groza, AW, M24, Uzi, M762, Vector, Kar98, VSS, QBZ, Desert eagle, A16, A4, Dp/28, S12k, 9MM Ammos, 5.56MM Ammos, Grenades, Smoke Grenade etc. This article will discuss about using the Ammos in PUBG.

How To Throw Ammo In PUBG

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To play the game you might have to dive into the key binds of the game as PUBG hasn’t made the whole system Transparent. To give you complete understanding about the usage of weapons we have provided a step by step guide below. Read till the end so that you will get to know how to fling items to partners, and weapons at enemies.

As the players play the game along with their partners therefore they also share weapons when needed. You might have seen your partners dropping the weapons on floor when any of your squad members needed it. If you are in dire need of Ammo then your partner can easily hurl one with minimal fuss. All you have to do is ask for it by communicating using the microphone or by indicating it using the in-game voices.

Beside the variety of Ammos you can also throw melee weapons at your rivals. If your ever get an opportunity you can also knock your rivals by clanging off opponent’s head from a range using a pan.

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How To Throw Ammo In PUBG Xbox

Image Of How To Throw Ammo In Pubg Xbox

Here is how to throw Ammos and other items towards the enemies or the squad members.

The player who is in need of ammo or any other item will firstly use the scroll wheel or F3 to bring up the radial menu. Here you will get some options that you have to select according to your requirement. You can select “Need Ammo” or “Need Med” if you are in need of Ammo.

The giver will then press the button, which defaults to “F”. if you are playing on mobile phone then you can tap on the icon representing bag and then drag and drop the item you have to give away. Once dropped, the partner in need can pick the required item.

While throwing the weapons you have to keep the following points in mind,

  • Items can be thrown a maximum distance of 15m.
  • Items can be thrown through glass windows.
  • Beware of iron bars across windows. Items will not pass through them, and hit the wall instead.
  • A teammate can request ammo, turn around and catch the ammo behind their back.
  • Items thrown to you will appear straight in your inventory if you have space. If your inventory is full, the items will appear by your feet.

Bottom Line

This was all about sharing certain items with the teammates in PUBG game. Hope the article has given you enough understanding about the methods to throw Ammos and other items.

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