How To Use 10 Supereffective Charged Attacks In Pokemon Go Battle Day?

If you are looking to know how to use 10 supereffective charged attacks in Pokemon Go Battle Day, we have got you covered. Here is everything about how to use 10 supereffective charged attacks in Pokemon Go Battle Day. Stay tuned!

For all the Pokemon Go players worldwide, Pokemon Go Battle Day starring Mankey is now available to engage in. However, there is time research that has to be completed during this event.

The research regarding battling was available on the entire day of 18th June and it required you to accomplish several tasks.

Here we have gathered all the details about 18th June’s research task and how to complete them. The blog also aims at providing you with all the details regarding the hardest challenge, ‘Supereffective Charged Attacks’. Stay tuned and learn how to use 10 supereffective charged attacks in Pokemon Go Battle Day

What Are The Pokemon Go Battle Day Mankey Rewards?

As revealed by Niantic, there were four tasks for the players to complete on the 18th of June. One of the major events that players are excited about is the one that features Mankey, the pig monkey Pokemon. Before the day ended, users boasted several rewards.

The event involved Mankey being guaranteed to appear as a reward encounter. The players who were able to evolve the Mankey during the event unlocked a Primeape that knew everything about the Charged Attack Cross Chop.

As discussed earlier, the second important event for the players was Timed Research. It enabled the players to unlock bonuses tied to XP, Rare Candy, Bea-Style Gloves, and an Elite Charge TM.

Players who already had received the Bea-style Gloves avatar item from the rank 20 were not supposed to get another Bea-style Gloves avatar item.

Below is the list of activities that players were asked to complete as part of the yesterday’s Battle Day Timed Research:

  • Task One: Battle in Battle League five times – Reward is 7,500 XP
  • Task Two:: Battle in Battle League 10 times – Reward is 7,500 XP
  • Task Three: Use 10 Super Effective Charged Attacks – Reward is 7,500 XP
  • Task Four: Power up Pokemon 10 times – Reward is 7,500 XP
  • Completion Bonus: Rare Candies, An Elite Charged TM, With Bea-Style Gloves.

How Can I Use 10 Supereffective Charged Attacks?

The challenge that players are struggling with the most is when using 10 Supereffective Charged Attacks. It was the trickiest task to accomplish during the Battle Day.

The foremost thing players need to know is what Pokemon Types can perform super effective attacks vs. which Pokemon. Well, don’t worry as you don’t have to do any hard work, Niantic has already shared a guide providing all the details about how to get started.

Below is the guide shared by Niantic in one of their recent tweets:

“One part of mastering the art of Trainer Battles is understanding how the types of your Pokémon’s moves affect the Pokémon you’re battling. Here’s a chart that shows which types are super effective vs. which Pokémon. Good luck and #GOBattle!”. Following this guide, you can easily get started with the battle.

While you have finalized the group of Pokemon, you will get the best chance to perform a supereffective charged attack. Following this, you will have to use the right Pokemon vs the right opponent. Next, you simply have to build the energy in order to perform a charged attack.

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The Last Words

This was all about “How To Use 10 Supereffective Charged Attacks In Pokemon Go Battle Day”. Hopefully, we are able to provide you all the available information.

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