How To Watch Charlie Puth In Fortnite? – Explained

Fortnite is famous for its collabs, and here is another collaboration with Charlie Puth. But how to watch Charlie Puth in Fortnite, here is what you need to do.

The game has established a unique image for introducing pop culture in the gaming community of any battle royale. Fortnite has recently hosted its first collaboration with Charlie Puth.

Fortnite has arranged concerts multiple times to make its way to the virtual world. The game is featuring a special event with Charlie Puth now. Fans are hurrying to get prepared for this exciting music artist to perform.

The event is arranged by iHeart Radio which is why fans are so super anxious about the event. This article will guide you on how to watch the Charlie Puth event in Fortnite.

The article will further give you particulars about the place and timing of the event.

Here is what Charlie Puth has to say about the event that is going to happen with Fortnite.

“I’m so excited to enter the metaverse for the first time in partnership with iHeartRadio and check out all iHeartLand has to offer. It’s really important to me to connect with my fans in new ways and it’ll be a blast to all come together and have some fun”.

After his performance at the event, he is releasing his album on 07 October 2022.

Here’s all the information you need to know about the event and on how to watch Charlie Puth in Fortnite.

Watch Charlie Puth In Fornite

Image Of Watch Charlie Puth In Fornite

The concert will be arranged at iHeartland Stage located somewhere on their Island. You will need a particular code to enter. The code will be provided in the next section.

Puth will perform on a giant screen behind the stage. This was confirmed by Puth through his social media handle. Fans are going wild to witness the amazing concert.

The event is unique because for the first time it is not actually being hosted by Epic Games. So, it would be an interesting thing to watch and how fans feel about it.

In addition to the concert, the collaborator is offering various mini-games. It will give players rewards in the shape of in-game currency. Such currency could be used for meet-and-greets and gameplay competitions with artists themselves.

For further details about these rewards check out the official creative page of Fortnite.

When Is the Charlie Puth Fortnite Concert?

Image Of When Is the Charlie Puth Fortnite Concert

As stated above the event is managed by iHeartRadio that is going to be held on 9 September 2022. The concert will run only on the same day in the evening.

The event will take place at a night.  The event will start at 7 PM Eastern Time.  For global fans to watch the concert, we have added some additional information related to regional time.

Here is the time for the concert based on different regions:

  • 4 pm Pacific Time
  • 12am British Summer Time (September 10)
  • 9 am Australian Eastern Standard Time (September 10)

The only source to watch the Charlie Puth Fortnite concert is Fortnite.  There is a special online island created by iHeartland, which needs a code to enter.

Following way, you can enter the island:

  1. Go to the Fortnite Main Menu,
  2. Find the Island Code entry section, and
  3. Input the special code which is 6144-7573-9391

This will lead you towards the concert.

Here is an additional activity you can take part in.  Like, you can explore across the island if you are interested in finding new things.

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Hope that we have provided all the available information about how to watch Charlie Puth in Fortnite. Stay connected to experience an incredible concert.

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