Is Minccino Shiny In Pokemon Go? Explained

The next spotlight hour in Pokemon Go is just around and players are wondering to know if Minccino can be shiny during the spotlight hour or not. If you are among these players looking for the details about whether or not Minccino can be shiny, we have got your back. Below you can find all the details about is Minccino going to be shiny during the Pokemon Go spotlight hour or not. We also have provided the date and time for the upcoming spotlight hour. So, stay tuned!

This is just a start of an exciting week for the Pokemon Go players. The players are going to witness four big events this week including the Minccino spotlight hour. The other big events that you can enjoy during this week include:

  • Fashion Week
  • Yveltal in 5-Star Raid Battles
  • Mega Lopunny in Mega Raids

Below we have provided all the details about the upcoming events and their scheduled dates, rewards, and bonuses. Have a look!

Minccino Spotlight Hour Date Pokemon Go

Image Of Minccino Spotlight Hour Date Pokemon Go

As per the Pokemon Official sources, the Minccino spotlight hour is scheduled for Tuesday, September 27 starting at 6 PM local time. Instead of having a one-time stamp across the world, it is best to treat it differently. Remember, someone’s PM is someone else’s 6 AM after all.

The first and major reward for participating in the Minccino spotlight hour is receiving 2 x transfer candy. This information again is being confirmed by the official sources.

So, this is the best time to use the lure modules and incense which have been building up to take advantage of the double transfer candy bonus/reward.

It is worth mentioning here that, the reward of double transfer candy also applies if you catch the Pokemon during the spotlight hour. Well, simply put, it is the best opportunity for the trainers to stock up, evolve and power up their Pokemon.

 Will Minccino Be Shiny During The Spotlight Hour?

Image Of Will Minccino Be Shiny During The Spotlight Hour

Yes, Minccino will be shiny during the Spotlight hour scheduled for Tuesday, September 27 starting at 6 PM local time.  The shiny Minccino will make an appearance at the rate of 1 in every 500. It translates that using incense and lure modules will help you to catch and transfer more Minccino.

Though it is known to all the trainers that Minccino is not the most expensive Pokemon, but remember it keeps changing its color during the spotlight hour. With its fur color changing from grey to a light brown, with the skin inside its ears turning to burgundy, you will witness several avatars of Minccino. Nonetheless, it is the Neon green Espeon for life

This spotlight hour is going to be the 4th and last spotlight hour for this month. Earlier, three spotlight hours have already taken place which included the below entries:

  • September 6: Munna (2x Catch Stardust)
  • September 13: Ralts (2x Catch XP)
  • September 20: (2x Catch Candy)

Talking about the Minccino Spotlight hour that is set to occur soon, the most reliable leaker, LeekDuck wrote on Twitter:

“A Pokémon Spotlight Hour is set for Tuesday, September 27, from 6 pm to 7 pm local time. During the hour, there will be an increased number of Minccino appearing in the wild, and you’ll earn double candy from transferring Pokémon.”

Several other trainers have also confirmed about Minccino going to be shiny during the spotlight hour.

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The Last Words

This was all about the Minccino spotlight hour date, rewards, and bonuses. Hopefully, you have got all the information that you were looking for. So, how excited are you about the event? Let us know your opinion in the comment box below.

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